Wednesday, June 22, 2005

spare change?

I love change!

Ask my hair, I change it at least once every two months, and that's on a good run. I've been blonde, brown, black, purple, blue, auburn, green! and my personal favorite, fire engine red. I've had it long, medium as well as short and spikey. I've had curly perms, I have natural wave, and I can dry it poker straight. I love to change my hair! When something new and good comes into my life, I celebrate by changing my hair. When things aren't going good in my life, I give myself a pick-me-up by changing my hair. When I get rid of something bad in my life, I release it by changing my hair. (by the way, just between us, I'm getting a little sick of the blonde already!)

Change rocks! It's new, it's fresh, it's original. However, as much as I love change, these things about me, not others, not God. It seems that whenever God asks me to change something He wants changed, I'm not so quick to get to it. When things in my character that need tweeking are pointed out by my brothers and sisters, I'd much rather stay where I am, then walk in the change that's needed. I find excuses very easily, as to why I don't need to change, THEY do! (isn't that the truth) Every single time I've ever gone to God with the attitude of wanting another person to change, He always comes back with these two responses. Focus on what I need to change in my life, and focus of the UNchanging characteristics of God.

The truth is, if I never changed, I would be an unproductive member of the church of Jesus Christ. If I never changed I would be of no threat to the kingdom of darkness. If I never changed, I would never learn anything new, and therefore would never grow. So may my passion for changing my hair be the same passion I have for changing to be more like Christ! If it were, man, I'd be flyin! Hey, with these new thoughts, maybe I should seal it by changing my hair......


  1. Why don't you come over and dye my hair? Would that satisfy you? I want to go blonde soon. It's summer, need the "summer look"

    You write so good! It's so fun to read your posts! May all your hair colors be wonderful as well as your spirit's. I sometimes can't believe that your my little sis that used to write suicidal music...continue to be released in the growth God has for you!

  2. LOL. You're a hoot, Thanks for your compliments.
    I love reading your posts too! I think it's because we know eachother so well, we can hear eachothers voices when we read them.
    Dying your hair wouldn't be a release for me, I'd have to get my hands on some virgin hair......LIGHTHOUSE! hehe, just kidding, you go blond and I'll go brown. Since we're so different anyways, might as well keep the trend.

  3. yeah umm...I think no...I have been thinking about highlighting my hair, but not to sure if that is something I want to do. That kind of change is just not my thing. nice try though nin!

  4. Josiah is dying to have his hair dyed (pun intended)! But I told him he had to pay for it himself. He wants blue and green stripes. Not sure his daddy is too excited about that...