Saturday, May 24, 2008

Holding your breath upside down gets rid of hick-ups....

"Ah, you're crazy."
"Am I? Or am I so sane that you just BLEW your mind?!"
"It's impossible!"
"Is it? Or is it so possible that your head is spinning like a top?!"
"It can't be."
"Can it? Or is your entire world just CRASHING DOWN ALL AROUND YOU?"
Nin's idea: 1
Hubby's mocking: 0

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Two and a half weeks between posts? That's it, you're cut.

So what could possibly be more important than blogging these days?

Well, turns out, we actually have a pretty cool yard. This is the first year we're actually putting time and energy into making it our own. My hubby and I have been working, and by my hubby and I, I mean my hubby. He built us a patio and installed some underground sprinklers, both of which God blessed us with for free! We've made our way into the front yard now, and I'll definately post some pics of that when we're done. I'm so excited!

So anyways, here's what my back planters looked like last year. Please appreciate how long and hard it was for me to clean these disgusting things out. Apparently bugs like dead plants? I saw more creepy crawly's in those planters than I think I've seen in my whole life. When I went to bed that night, I saw bugs on the backs of my eye lids.

My raspberry bush, strawberries, daisies, lettuce and rubbarb. Go me!
I've never planted anything before in my life, so this is a big deal. Well, there was one year my sis set aside some space in her garden for me to plant my own veggies. But she got sick of asking me to plant my seeds so she ended up doing it herself. After some time she then got sick of asking me to weed my space so she eventually told me I was no longer welcome in her garden. Does that count as a gardening experience?

My cool dude...

And his sweet ride

I was so proud of my daughter.
My son loves playing in his big sisters room, but everytime he tries to go in there the poor guy gets kicked out (and for good reason, anything he seems to get his hands on these days either gets broken, thrown, lost, or eaten). He had gone in there and when I took him out he cried in disspointment. So my daughter (with a tiny verbal nudge from her mom) took it upon herself to clean her room and place her precious gems our of reach so that her little brother could come in and play. You can see from his expression that he was in heaven.

My father in law blessed my hubby and I with tickets to the Phantom of the Opera. It was so awesome! We showed up in jeans, and saw people dressed up in tuxes and gowns (not dresses, gowns). But only really important people can get away with that. Do we pull off the "we're really important" look well?
There's plenty of things I'm chewing on these days, and God has been speaking. I've tried getting my thoughts out, but all I've accomplished are a bunch of unfinished posts taking up space in my drafts. Meh.
So You Think You Can Dance, this Thursday. Yeah baby!
Be blessed today! May you grasp how far reaching His love is for you today, and may you not settle for anything less than the Father's best.

Friday, May 02, 2008


I AM: so sick and tired of being sick and tired. On top of this stupid bum cold that I can't seem to shake, I woke up in the middle of the night last night to a bladder infection.

I THINK: my cousin coming to the Lord and getting clean from crack cocaine is the coolest thing ever!

I KNOW: all the words from start to finish including the songs to the movie 'Adventures in Babysitting', yes, ALL the words.

I WANT: to stop wanting to start being.

I HAVE: a new love seat! and our couch will be here in a few weeks!

I WISH: some things could be different.

I HATE: laundry, spiders, being sick, and leaving things will the last minute.

I MISS: running, excersizing, feeling fit and healthy instead of a great big ball of germs.

I FEAR: my kids will fall and get hurt real bad.

I WONDER: when I'll actually write a post with some meat in it.

I FEEL: like I'm going to get my " . " soon, I've been a little grump the last couple of days.

I HEAR: my dishwasher, my daughter's Barbie movie, and birds from outside.

I SMELL: nothing, I'm sick.

I REGRET: a lot of things, and still need to forgive myself for some of them.

I AM NOT: as organized, commited and disciplined as I'd like to be.

I DANCE: all the time, and love it.

I SING: all the time, and love it.

I CRY: all the time, and yep, I love it. It's a release for me, I cry almost everyday.

I DON'T ALWAYS: brush my teeth. Gasp! Good thing my breath can't be smelled through your computer monitor!

I MAKE: fun of really serious people, and people who can't laugh at themselves. If I don't laugh at them who will?

I LOSE: my train of thought when I'm talking and doing two things at once.

I WIN: when I don't let my anger get the best of me.

I NEVER: in my wildest dreams would've thought God would've transformed my cousin into the broken, on fire man after God I saw today. My child, why do you doubt?

I ALWAYS: get sidetracked in big stores and malls. It doesn't seem to matter how much I set it in my head that I'm running in and running out, something always calls my name. Niiiiiiiin........Niiiiiiiiiiiin. Yes flip flops?

I NEED: new runners, HARDCORE. The ones I'm using were hand-me downs, so not only did they go through a user before me, but I've run them into the ground. I've heard that shin splints can come from worn out runners, and I hardcore have shin splints. Oh no you're not hardcore! Unless you live hardcore! And the legend, of the rent, was way hardcore!!!!

I SHOULD: really clean my room.... but it's just so much easier to close the door.

I START: things and make my husband finish them.

I CAN USUALLY BE FOUND: at home, at church, at Walmart, at my sisters, at my moms, out for coffee, on msn, at my hubby's office, at one of my out-laws ( I mean inlaws), out for supper, out running, in my backyard, at Starbucks or Tim Hortons, at a mall, more specifically Stitches, Bluenotes or Urban Planet, at Superstore, at my daughter's school, at a library, at a gas station, at a work event for my hubby, at a fancy function with my father in law, at a park, at a pool, at a pool hall, at a garage sale, at the doctor or the dentist, at Old Navy, at a movie, or at Home Depot or some other boy place with my hubby.

In other news,

what my son did the other day.