Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Yesterday my daughter and I went over to my sisters for our first summery day. The kids went on the slip and slide while my sis and I tanned. It went about the same as any other year, we would try and talk and visit, but it would constantly get interupted with "so-and-so won't give me a turn"........"so-and-so's not following the rules"........."so-and-so's not sharing" Ahhhh, the joys of this season of small children. My sister has a 4 month old, so we took her out and brain stormed ideas to keep her out of the sun. My sister went and got a big umbrella, and set it over her. This worked well, but there was a bit of a wind that kept blowing the umbrella over. So my sister went and got 4 belts tied together, I tied one end to the umbrella, and she took the other end and tied it on her bike. This seemed fine, until the wind blew the umbrella over sideways. I was laying down right beside it, and at one point, it blew right on top of my head. My sister and my nephew stood and laughed for a bit before taking it off. When we realized this was not going to work, it was suggested that we just stick the baby in the shade by the tree...............
'nuff said


  1. LOLOLOL and yet another adventure of our days together. You said it well!

    well i didn't get a tan, and my kids got a sunburn. But it was a fun day! (the 2 times that I went on the "slip and slide")

    You forgot about Noah climbing to the top of the wheelchair lift a few times before my brain clicked as I was looking right at him climbing...before I told him to get down...
    3 cheers for good training!

  2. Man, i laughed so hard, I forgot to tag you!

  3. Hey - wanted to mention that those Yada Yada books are yours if you want to borrow them. I have both of them, actually. Remind me tomorrow night when you come over, ok?

  4. I could totally picture all of this, play by play. And, I laughed. And, I missed being in the same country at the same time as you.