Friday, October 31, 2008

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away.....

The kids had a blast : )
Daniel was super cute! My little Obi Wan. He had three small "moments". First when he saw Noah's ninja mask, second when he saw some mans funny hair-d0 (who wasn't even wearing a costume, he just had crazy hair), and last when he ran into his nemisis Darth Vader while making his rounds. Understandibly so, since Darth is the one who kills him. But he caught on very quick. He would close the door as soon as the people would give him his candy, and say "bye".
My poor poor little princess Leia....... came home sick yesterday with a sore tummy and bit of a fever. She went to school for the afternoon today because it was "fun day", and there was no way a little fever was stopping her from partaking. Unfortunately, I think she really pushed herself today, hence why the trick or treating ended slightly early and she came home with a tummy ache and a strong desire for bed. Although before the sore tummy set in, she had tons of fun. All her friends kept asking her who the heck she was, but of course all the moms and dads knew, and told her she had the best costume ever. (one man even said, she was after his heart! Weeeeeird)
All in all it was really fun! And I'm so blessed to have such amazing and cute kids, to call mine!
P.S. I made the costumes all by myself!!!
P.P.S. This is a very big deal, since I've never done any such thing before in my life.
P.P.P.S. We were the fave house on the block..... we gave out cans of pop!
P.P.P.P.S..........I dunno. I'm done I guess. I got nothin.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

A catch-up picture post

Gasp! Baby!!!

Mommy's shampoo and conditioner all over the floor...

and all over baby....
My little princess came home to us on Friday evening! I was so happy! We hugged and hugged and hugged and hugged. She was so brown! She hadn't slept for basically two days, but in the excitement of finally being home she found a reserve of energy, alot of energy. It was wonderful.

She bought us all presents! This is my new shirt, I was so blessed that I cried. She got me a little container of sand from the beach, shirts for Daniel and Chris, magnets, toys, and a necklace. She found a coral in the ocean and put it in her fishtank. I can't wait to get pictures from her other parents, to see all her Hawaian adventures.

My little jet-lagged girl slept until 1pm! She was shocked and giggly to hear she slept through breakfast and lunch! She woke up just in time for her Welcome Home party!
We had Hawaian music playing the background,

and a "pin the Jonah on the island" game.

It was a hit, espeically when Jonah ended up in the tree or the sun.

It stopped raining just in time for us to go outside and hit the Flip-Flop pinyata!

Noah the strongest....

and Isaiah the giggliest.

Us out for my birthday/Jonah's welcome home supper. Color contrast much?

Daddy and Repunzel, who also joined us at supper.

We went to Ruckers after supper and all got addicted to Deal or No Deal.

The Crime....

The gettaway....

Caught, green-handed.

Good morning sleepy-head! I was so anxious to see her again that I finally woke her at 11.

The 'Fro.

Back to school already!

The statue.

The new hanging chair from my trip to Ikea!

My son's new fave.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to Jenny......
and happy birthday to ME TOO!

Thank you for letting me copy your birthday.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Commercial for CentriLean diet pills:

Lady on commercial - "Do you love food so much that you can't eat less? Do you hate the thought of excersize? Normally, I would tell you to change your lifestyle as soon as possible....
But not anymore! Now with our new revolutionary suppliment, you can lose weight, by doing NOTHING!"

Here's the caption at the bottom that they don't want you to see:


So, let's cut to the chase, let's not beat around the bush and sugar coat what's being said.
DO NOTHING, don't bother getting healthy. Don't work your heart muscle, which is the most important muscle in your body. Don't eat well, and fill your body with all the vitamins and nutrients it needs. Eat whatever you want, and, eat as much as you want. If food is a god in your life, so what. If laziness rules over your days, so what.
Do all this and we can barely guarantee you these results:
In 8 weeks, which is two whole months, you can lose nearly 4 pounds. FOUR 2 months...... (Which is probably less than what you could lose in ONE week if you were eating healthy and in moderation and excersizing)

Note, they tell you to do nothing, but also tell you in the fine print that if you do nothing, you will not get desired results.

People!! Eat WELL, live WELL, get some excersize, say no to the second helping, stop eating crap like fast and fried foods (or only eat them once in a while), cut down on your sugar.....and guess what, you will lost weight. It's not rocket science! There are no quick fixes, it takes work. And it's hard work, no doubt about that! There are no pills or even programs out there that will change you without you having to walk in change. It took one step in front of the other to get to where you are, and it will take one step in front of the other in the opposite direction to get to where you want to be.
It saddens me to see on so many commercials, billboards and magazines, the reality that we live in a quick fix society, that doesn't care about out character, it cares about our comfort and outter shell.

Phew.....there, that's it.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Big picture post

Missing my girl....
Only 6 more sleeps till she comes home!!

Her and I at the Peter Pan ballet for our last night together.

The poddling.
Anyone who knows what that is gets a prize.

Doing the dishes.

Onto the road-trip!......
(my appologies to my Fakebook friends who have checked out these pics already. Oops, did I say Fakebook? I mean FACEbook.)

And we're off!

Our only mishap on the way there.

Yes, the mirror came off, and yes, we finally got it back on.

West Ed Mall awaits us!

Nicole: "You didn't tell me this went upside down!! I'm scared!"
Me: "Don't worry, no one's died on this for a long time."

So how was it?
Nicole: "I don't know, my eyes were closed."

So how was it?
Me: "Rock on dude! Let's go again!"

Where's the party?

My poor poor shopped out feet....
And no I don't have a pinky toenail.


Another day of shopping here we come.

A statement I can stand on.

I already want to go back..... oh Ikea, how I love thee, let me count the ways...

Auntie Leanne....

and Uncle Gord. My two faves.


The bush chair.

The freak of the week.

The new walk.

Enough pictures already!!


Home awaits us..... a bittersweet road.