Tuesday, July 31, 2007

my thoughts today

Always be yourself...
unless you suck
-Josh Wheldon-
Oops....did I just say that outloud?

Sunday, July 29, 2007

a Lesson in the Labyrinth

I watched one of my favorite childhood movies today, The Labyrinth.
God has spoken to me many times through childrens movies, and today, He did it again.

Sarah (me): Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City... for my will is as strong as yours, and my...
Jareth (satan): Stop! Wait! Look Sarah, look what I am offering you... your dreams!
Sarah (me): And my kingdom as great...
Jareth (satan): I ask for so little.... Just let me rule you and you can have everything that you want! Just fear me, love me, do as I say, and I will be your slave!
Sarah (me): My kingdom as great... My kingdom as great...You have no power over me.... you have no power over me!
I cried.....and thanked the Lord for all He's saved me from.

Friday, July 27, 2007

who's gonna share the parable, me or you?

So my sis and I went for our run last night. As our commitment of 9:45 rolled by, and was followed by a 'getting-late' 10:15, I decided to give my sis a call, since my hubby still had to go out for his cardio after us. Calculate the time we all needed, and you've got yourself a late night.

ring ring


"You're still flippin there?"

"Well I can't find my mp3 player! I think some kid hid it!"

"Well get over here cuz we gotta go, it's flippin late man!"


10:30, my sis shows up, lifts her leg, turns over her foot, and shows off the huge gaping hole in the bottom of her sole. She takes her shoe off, and sticks her hand through the hole, which is now dropping 'shoeness' all over my doorway.

"So yeah, can I borrow some shoes?"


We finally leave the house, Sarah complains that my shoes are too small, and her toes hurt.

"Sigh/grrr......well do you wanna walk to dads and use his shoes?"


Walk into dads, Sarah takes his shoes, dad complains that she'll stink them up, we leave.

We start walking, and in frustration begin to joke about how the sun will be rising soon.

So we run the strip, and at about the 3rd last lamp post, Sarah mentions that she feels she could go a few more past the end, I on the other hand, gasping for air, say I'm done, and can only make it to the end. We come to the last lamp post where it's time to sprint, and I quickly pass Sarah. It's at this moment that we realize that Sarah is way better at the long distance endurance running, and I am way better at the sprinting. This makes sense, as we reflect on all our runs, she has always been able to go longer and farther (and seems to reconver faster than me), and I have always left her in my sweaty dust durring the sprints. We started to think about this....

It made me think of the times my hubby and my dad have tried to race at red lights. We drive a VW golf, standard. My dad drives a V6 Pontiac GrandAm. While my hubby is working hard with our car, to rev it as high as it can, his arm shifting as fast as he can, His leg motoring on the clutch, with little to no effort, using no physical energy, my dad zips past, flashing us a nice blank stare.

I love my car. It is the most reliable car there is. It's a diesel, which means we can get to Winnipeg and back, and drive around for 4 days in the city, on $70. And with gas prices being as high as they are, my little Golf has saved our comfortable lives.
My dad's car on the other hand, can get from point A to point B faster then my car could honk. It's sporty, two door, slick, and as my nephew would say,
"it has 2 smokes!" (exaust pipes)

There are pros and cons to both cars. You can't have a car as good on gas as mine without sacrificing space. My car is so small, that we can't go grocery shopping if our big stroller is in the trunk. Where as my dads car is roomy enough to be able to take extra passangers, and carry more cargo. Then again, my dads car has given them much grief, and they're actually looking to get rid of it before it konks out on them, where as we anticipate on having our reliable VW around for while.

So what does all this have to do with us? It made us think about the different parts of the body, and how all have different strengths. We all need eachother, and when working together, we're able to accomplish great and wonderful things. Sometimes we need to get somewhere fast, we need a job done and we need it done now. Us v6's are called to jump in, and use our gifts to sprint that job into action, and watch it come together quickly and promptly. Other times, when the v6's are discouraged, worn out, feeling like throwing in the towel, the Golf's of the body need to jump in and press through! To encourage and build up those who are discouraged, to push them, and to ultimately finish the race that others had given up on.

I've tried running farther, but my body just gives up. Just as my sis has set it in her mind, "I am going to run as fast as her no matter what", but her body just won't listen.
How many times have we compared ourselves to others, and wondered,
"now why can't I get things done like that? I never seem as motivated or efficient as them. Why does it take me double the time to learn the things they seem to learn automatically? I must not have as much grace in my life."
Or, "now why can't I seem to press through like them? It seems like when things get hard I run away, how come they always seem to make it to the end and still be on top? I must not have as much faith in my life."
Our strengths and weaknesses are not better or worse, just different. God made us this way so that we can rely on one another for the different parts that we need to walk more efficiently.
My sister and I PUSH eachother like crazy when we run! She pushes me to go farther, and I push her to go harder. All in all, giving our bodies the cardio AND endurance that they need to become more healthy, more lean and more fit.

Of course, at the end of chewing on this parable, we realized that I am not a speeding v6 in my spiritual walk, and Sarah is not a reliable Golf. So, we decided to scrap the whole thing and wait for the next parable.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

another trip under our belt

We set out on our adventure to Kenosee on Friday morning. We drove up with my brother-in-law, his girlfriend and their little one following 'closely' behind us and only a walkie talkie away. It was super fun driving with them and playing word games back and forth.

These two took home the trophee again for world's best kid travelers!

Got there shortly before supper and checked into our room.

Our roomies.

Random cute picture, no commentary needed.

It was fun to meet new family, and build new relationships! Our outgoing son made a new friend with uncle Lyle...

But the friendship was put on hold once grandpa came too close!

Once Daniel discovered that grandpa doesn't bite...

he decided to proceed.....with caution.

Of course he lets loose with mommy though ;)

Saturday afternoon was stinkin hot! But luckily it clouded over just in time for us to go to the outdoor waterpark. My daughter was awesome, and went on all the slides she could, even ones I was too chicken to ride. My hubby and brother in law went down the screamer, which is basically an 8 story slide that shoots straight down, which left their backs bright red and raw.

Look! Fairy wings!


Mini-me had a quick pony ride on horse named Spud. It was another reminder for me that I am definately a city girl, and could not last on a farm. Not only did I get a front row show of Spud doing "a job", the place was swarming in black flies, and the stench of grossness.
*Insert shutter, as well as thankfulness for my simple city life here*

Our supper and evening gave us opportunity to get to know new family members, play games and cards. There was a big game for the kids, and I can proudly say my competitive daughter took first prize, with help of course from my competitive inlaws. It was fun playing 31 till nearly 2am, and being able to help out my sleeping log roomies by feeding their cutie.

Group Photo!
(isn't it neat that all these people stemed from my hubby's great-grandparents?)

Feelin' good and ready to get home.

We got home early evening, just in time to get out for my run with my sis, and thoroughly enjoy our first night back in our own bed. Then, enter in heat wave, exit our comfort. Luckily it's supposed to go down to 14 tonight, so we'll be able to cool down our place a little bit.

Thank you God today for BBQ's, other peoples cool houses, my wonderfully amazing husband, and my awesome running partner, all of which I could have not gotten through these last few days without.

Monday, July 23, 2007


-Just got home last night from a weekend family reunion in Kenosee, was super fun

-Walls were broken down in my marriage, praise God!

-More walls were broken between my son and father-in-law, and dad was finally able to hold him with no crying, go Daniel!

-Built many new relationships with my husband's family, and was able to see the fingerprints of God as we saw the generations multiplied

-Shared a room with my brother-in-law, his girlfriend and their new baby, had an awesome time, and even got to feed the baby in the middle of the night! (so crazy how you begin to miss that when your babies stop!)

-Stayed on track, sort of, with our new eating and exercise regime, unfortunately there was no gym at the hotel, so we missed one workout

-As nice as it was to come home, it's a sauna in here and we will soon be retreating to my moms, so I'll share my pics later

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

God has given us our emotions. He has created us as emotional beings. Our emotions are a gift from the Lord, a way to feel in ways we can't describe, all the blessings and trials we face in this life. Emotions are not sin, however, when they begin to upset our peace, they cross-over from being who we were created to be, to giving into our flesh.
I'm reminded today that the bible calls us to live as though we are dead, dead to sin. This is such a funny analogy when you think of it, why would a dead man get upset? He's dead!!!
I have always struggled with allowing my emotions get the best of me, so my prayer today is for the grace to walk dead to sin, for the grace to not allow my emotions upset my peace. That others would see God in my response to my emotions.
They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, God disagrees.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Something God said...

Don't go wasting your emotions...
Lay all your love on me
Don't go sharing your devotion....
Lay all your love on me
"Lay all your love on me"
This spoke to me this morning. As I was listening to this song the words of the chorus pulled at heart strings, and I heard God whispering these words to me. Upon reflection, I realized that this is the Father's heart for all of us. I found it interesting at that moment that the meaning of the name of the band is "God the Father".

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Woman! Whoa Man! Whooooaaaaaaaa Man!
-Mike Myers-
So I married an axe murderer

Highlights of my getaway with my hubby....

-An evening spent away with no housework or cooking

-Playing in the pool with my hubby

-Overcoming my fear of the dark tunnel slide! (I went on it 3 times!)

-The new bathing suit my hubby bought me

-The crab and artichoke dip at 2nd Ave Grill

-Being able to stay up until 2:30 am without a guilty conscience reminding me of an early morning

-Being able to sleep in until 9:30 without interuptions of a certain someone needing a bottle

Was so excited to get my son back, I missed him so much!

"Who, me?"

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Come On Come On Come On Come On touch me babe!
dah dah dah dah can't you see
that I am not afraid......
Laurence is Gooooood at piano
he will be rockin' in my soul!
-Mr. S-
School of Rock
feeling better, am starting antibiotics tomorrow. Turns out.....
I WAS RIGHT! It wasn't just viral, and I don't have to just suck it up.
So everyone.... knows Nah-ting.
Little One,
Mr. Busy Bee. Loves climbing stairs, getting into drawers and cupboards, fake plants, and boxes. Has an appetite for anything found in a jar, and anything found on the floor.
Not So Little One,
Miss Talks Alot. Nicely tanned, so proud she has my skin. Into her Tamogoshi, bike riding, sidewalk chalk, Skip-It, and Canadian Idol. Her other dad just bought a pool, she's super excited to go swimming in it this weekend.
Mr. Motivated. Cleaned the whole house for me the other day while I was out with some girl friends. Could I HAVE a better man? Loves boy shows, boy movies, boy activities, and me.
Had our 3rd anniverssary on June 19th, and we're celebrating it tomorrow! We're off to a hotel while our daughter is at her dads, and little one goes for his very first sleep over! So pumped! I love spending time with my hubby, no matter what we're doing. Him and I are starting a new eating and exercise routine together. We are so excited to encourage and motivate one another and work together as team.
is good all the time, and continues to move in the lives and hearts of our family and friends.
Be blessed, and have an awesome weekend!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

pics and blahs

Our mother-figure

Our favorite auntie

Fun in the Sun


Croquet is serious business....
K so quick update.
still sick, played guess who and battleship, gotta love staying at home....
still sick, went bathing suit shopping, found nothing, figures....
watching Canadian Idol with my Canadian Idol wanna-be daughter, having coffee with a girlfriend....
fresh highlights, thank goodness, my roots are hat wearing shameful, appointment with a wrist specialist, feel better.....
Friday Friday Friday.....I got myself a date, Friday night at 8, and I will not be late, she could be my mate, that would be so great, great great GREAT!
To all my movie quoting fans, peace out.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

So........ sick since Monday........symptoms keep changing and morphing........now I can throw pink eye into the mix........wondering why I can't get better.......when I'm gonna get my body back.......so miss running.......want to hold my new nephew.......can't, have germs..........swallowing phlegm.......yuck........eye looks gross.......makes hubby's eyes water..........throat hurts..........annoyed............medicine is yucky.......wasting time.......dreaming of health......sick of being sick.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Oh Canada, Oh baby!

A little chaos, a lot of fun, yet another adventure as the W's M's and D's undertake another year of the fireworks. My friend, her son and our bro-in-law joined us this year, and fortunately were not freaked out and embarassed by our patriotic paraphernalia, including umbrella hats and jester headgear.

A HUGE congratulations to my brother-in-law and his girlfriend on the birth of Dominic! There is so much hope in my spirit for this couple! We are very excited :)
On a lesser note, I am sick today, I have not been running in like a week, and my house is a disaster. Go team me!