Friday, June 29, 2007

Schooooooool's OUT for SUMMAH!

Schooooool's OUT forEVAH!

A big congratulations to our 2 graduates!

We are so proud!

So yeah, I realized after looking at this post a couple of times, that I totally made it look like we're the proud parents of a little girl and a great big boy. Oh well.....we're still proud :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

lighter hair, heavier baby

It's been a while since I've lived through this baby phase, 6 years to be exact. In all the self-sufficiency and independence of my 6 year old, I guess I forgot about this season. My babe has recently learned to pull himself up to standing, and now, this is all he wants to do. Coolness... other than the fact that he has no idea how to get himself down. So, as soon as he is given any sort of freedom, he speed crawls to whatever he can climb, pulls himself up, and quickly flashes a look of pride and accomplishment. Yay Daniel! However, 30 seconds later, he realizes he's stuck in standing position, and wants down. So I help him down, and zip! he's back to the table or chair or whatever 'mount-furniture' he can get to fastest, and is back in standing position, only to 30 seconds later, continue whining about how he's found himself once again, stuck. Do I hear another yay?
So I found him in his crib today, standing of course, instead of napping. I guess he had played with the controls on the back of his music playing-fish aqaurium attached to his crib. He somehow changed the song from lullaby's, to waterfall, only he also turned the volume up to FULL blast. So I walk in to find poor Daniel crying, and the unrelaxing sounds of a waterfall, which really sounds like white noise blasting from a tv. I had to laugh, I love my son.

Friday, June 22, 2007

some pretty cool kids that aren't mine

Close-knit in the Golf
Gentle touch
Best friends

So this is how clowns feel....

K! Isaiah, look at the camera ("let's go get some of that icecream!")........k......Noah....Noah! smile! ("Look! I'm Venom!") ok.......Faith! Faith! Look at auntie! Say cheese! ("mennnnhh").........k nevermind,


Where's Waldo, I mean Noah

Monday, June 18, 2007

Some wise words I've heard lately

"Time goes by fast when you're doing things"
"Some things in life are different"
-Uncle Gary
"Fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on wait"

God is on the move people!

Which side of the board are you on?

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Tid Bits of my trip

Home sweet Home!! It's so refreshing to come home after some time away. That first night in your own bed, the first morning shower in your own tub (every shower we had in the course of our trip SUCKED!), and the first cup of coffee looking out your own window on your own street, you wonder why you ever left. Then of course come the loads of dirty laundry, the unpacking and putting away, and the reality of your daily household duties set in, as well as the reminder that you can no longer eat the take out and greasy foods you've been eating non-stop for the last four days if you plan on continuing to lose your baby fat. But hey, we won't get into that...

Onto the car ride...

Both our children were nicely veggetized by the portable dvd players we borrowed from my father-in-law. Each child came equipped with their own hypnotizing tv screen, which seemed to limit the whining and "are we there yet"s.

Had an overnight stay at my hubby's grandpa's, which gave him a chance to meet our latest addition, and us a chance to break up the 9 hour drive. Baby had a hard time falling asleep in his new play pen, and my hubby and I barely slept a wink. When it didn't sound like trains were driving right through our room, it was either baby snoring, the bed being way too small for my 6 foot something hubby, or the fact that it was a billion degrees in our room. Either way, grandpa tried :) and we love him.

My hubby found this picture of himself on his grandpa's fridge, lookin all hot and rebellious. This is how I knew him when we dated in highschool.

Do you think he's changed much?

Finally got to Winnipeg and met up with my parents. It was so cool to have my uncle, my sis and bro-in-law, us, my parents, my other aunt and uncle, and my cousin all staying in the same hotel.

We had supper at a restaurant on the Provencher bridge. It was neat to eat on top of the river.

So tired....leave us alone.....

Spectacle much? (Everyone meeting my not so new babe for the first time, and might I add, I was super impressed with how little he made strange with my strange family)

On Saturday afternoon we took the kids to Tinkertown, a fair just outside of Winnipeg. It was awesome that my little one was now big enough to join me on my favorite childhood ride, the Tilt-a-Whirl!

Go us!

Oompa Loompa Oompa Dee Doo....

Look mommy! One wheel!

Us at the Forks...

We took the kids to the Childrens Festival to kill some time before we went to my cousins wedding.

Us all dolled up!

It was a gorgeous wedding and the bride was beautiful! The reception was super fun, and my sis and I got jiggy with it the majority of the night. Dancing to classics like C+C Music Factory, Aerosmith and good ol' Aqua, is where it's at people.

No Elishah, we didn't forget about you.

Finally, the last day of our trip came to an end, and we found ourselves back in the car and on our way home.

Cheers mates! I am so done with this post!

Monday, June 04, 2007

Snagged this from Janelle, thought it would be fun :)

A - Age: 23

B - Band listening to right now: haha....Madonna. Now you know my dirty little secret! ;)

C - Career future: Hairdresser

D - Dad's name: Rick

E - Easiest person to talk to: my Sis

F - Favorite song: Right now? Different kind of free by Zoe Girl

G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms: Bears

H - Hometown: Saskatoon

I - Instruments: piano, guitar, voice

J - Job: Wife and Mommy

K - Kids: 2

L - Longest car ride ever: to Nebraska! (who the heck drives to Nebraska?)

M - Mom's name: who knows...

N - Number of times you've been in love: too many to count, but with only one man... and I fall in love with him over and over!

O - Optimum time of day to work: Just before everyone gets home! haha!

P - Phobia[s]: Feet, public bathroom germs and bugs whos bites draw blood

Q - Quote: 'People with children, and people without, both feel sorry for eachother.'

R - Reason to smile: I am forgiven! I am accepted! I am loved! I have purpose! I carry light! I have children! I have a man who loves me unconditionally! I have the joy of learning to live for others, and am free to mess up! Wouldn't you smile?

S - Song you sang last: My daughter's bedtime song

T - Time you wake up: Between 8:30 and 9

U - Unknown fact about me: I once pinched the tip of my nose for an hour with a set of pliers thinking I could make it smaller

V - Vegetable you hate: beets!!!!!

W - Worst habit: Speaking before I think

X - X-rays you've had: My back and my wrist

Y - Yummy food: Taco time mexi fries with tons of hot sauce, Saskatoon Asian stir fry and vietmese rolls with tons of hot sauce, cheese and chocolate milk

Z - Zodiac sign: Blah, I don't place my destiny in the stars, I place it in the hands that made the stars

Picture Post

Blue eyed Baby

Brown eyed Beauty


Baby's first pickle

Playin' it cool on the merry-go-round

Poker faced on the train

Smiling on the inside on the ferris wheel