Monday, July 28, 2008

YES PEOPLE!!! The raspberries are here!!!

In other news...

My sis (nice neck tendons by the way) threw one rockin party! It was a blast, complete with water ballon fights, hula hoop contests, egg in a spoon and 3 legged races. I love how much fun our family is, and that we don't just sit around sipping coffee and chit chatting about fluff (although it's fun when we do that too, like the other night my sis and I went out for nachos with my mom and aunt, and laughed our bums off about the time my mom found her panties on the road, and the time my sis tripped on her feet on stage in front of tons of people at my cousins wedding)

My poor son was out of sorts all evening. I'm not sure if it was one too many tumbles on the play structure, too many strangers, new teeth or a combo of all, but had a rough night.

My baby is becoming such a toddler, no more baby :( The other day I found him hiding in his closet, with a stick of glue he found in the craft box, rubbing it all over his face. All I can say is "it starts...." as he is now young and silly enough to do dumb things like putting glue all over his face, but smart enough to hide quietly in his closet. Oy....

So we FINALLY got our new couch to match the matching love seat we've been sitting on for months. We ordered these couches back in March, and have been waiting for the couch since. It was such a wicked sale, that they were put on back order, and the distributor couldn't keep up. But they were indeed worth the wait!

However.... my wonderful, amazing, beautiful and very loved son.... grabbed a pen in the few seconds I wasn't looking, and wrote across every single cushion with a pen.

Yep, ink.

So after I threw him in bed to assure I didn't murder him and make it look like an accident, I went at it with a damp cloth.


Spray and Wash on a Q-tip.


Special cleaner that came with the couch....


On the phone with hubby, freaking out, typical hubby being calm and cool and trying to help me be the same, is suggesting other things to try, as he sifts through Google trying to find what gets ink off leather. He suggests hairspray.


Wife is completely overreacting, and thinking the world is coming to an end, and even if we cash in on the "care package" that we paid extra for, that guarantees us a new couch if ANYTHING goes wrong in the first 5 years (including a son taking a pen to it), I'm thinking, so if we order a new couch now....we'll get it when? Next Janurary?

Hubby now suggests cologne, but says there's a possibility it might change the color of darker leather in the process.

I try....

It's coming off!

Oh wait....

It's leaving a mark!!!!

Me: "Hubby, I'm freaking, I don't think I can handle this job, can you take care of it when you get home? I'm freaking."

Hubby: "Yes I'll handle it when I get home, just leave it."

Wife calms down, and eventually gets the rest of the ink off. Hubby comes home and wife is unable to show him the marks that she swears are there and swears she can see.

She admits there's nothing there, and life goes on.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We celebrated Dominic's first birthday with family on the weekend.

Happy B-day buddy!

My hubby and I found this super cute "Skelanimal" for him named Marcy the dead monkey. The caption on the side of the box is "because dead animals need love too....." and on the other side, "if you're warm, hug me!" My hubby and I loved it right away.
I laughed as we drove away from the gothic store with the dead monkey in hand. I think it's so neat how based on the loved ones in your life and what's important to them, you grow to appreiciate things you might not have before. I can't say I would've thought a dead monkey for a child was cute, before becoming close with my brother in law and his girlfriend.

But.... monkey dead or alive, Dominic was a typical kid, choosing a plastic toy casing as his favorite birthday toy.

An afternoon trip to Beaver Creek, a bite on the big toe by a red ant, a frog in a jar, and a trail of SunChips left behind (*blush*).

-So I've been washing the same load of towels for weeks now, as they keep getting forgotten about over and over. The easiest thing to wash and dry and put away, has become my nemesis. It doesn't seem to matter what I do, they reign over me, mold and all.

-I highly applaude myself for all the new baby signs I've taught my son. My well mannered little boy says please and thank-you, flower, movie, baby, all done, all gone, bye bye, and more. He now calls me and my hubby "Ma" and "Da", but that's as far as it goes. He's the smartest and funniest kid ever, the two things I need to keep in the forefront of my thoughts when he's driving me mentally insane in the membrane.

-I'm going to be getting up bright and early with my hubby this week to do my workouts then. I'm really looking forward to it, the morning routine will be good for me, as I've been out of any sort of routine since school finished. I've always had this deep burning desire to be showered and ready before my kids wake up, but morning always comes too soon. As long as my hubby is up I should be ok.

I don't even know what else to say.... I just feel like I haven't blogged in a while, and I like it when other people update their blog, and I want to be liked.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

this post took way too long

Friday the D's M's and W's gathered for one last BBQ before my aunt and uncle move and embark on the condo-life. I shed a couple of tears..... *sniff* Bye house!

My Auntie Laurie...
I aspire to be as good a host as her, she is amazing

Precious Dr. Holly...
who loves me despite my rotten tooth, and joined me and my sis at my place for a sushi making party yesterday! My sis and I were only able to have one wasabi showdown, before the weirdness of the sushi took over my sis's judgement.

Classic Father figure...

The amazing caramel-apple pie my sis and I should not have shared...
(both got bloated and gassy.... too much info? Too bad it's my blog)

The cousins...

The sisters....

Uncle Denis working hard at the grill....
Supper was awesome

My cousin of many unusual talents...
Unicylcing, juggling, juggling things on fire, pro dancing... An all-around very neat guy


Spending lots of time outside and lovin it. Looking forward to my raspberries!

they still look like little droplets of poop, but....
soon and very soon I said soon and very soon!
soon and very soon, we are going to see the King!
(anyone who knows this song gets a prize)
(Sarah you don't count)

A miraculous toy God gave me to play with.
How people can leave their hair the same all the time is beyond me.

Fun at Kinsmen Park

Baby's first boat ride with Grandpa and Daddy!

My son:
Still isn't talking...... at all. Not worried, although it would be nice to hear him speak. He said "YO" today, does this count as a word? Maybe all this time we've been giving him nerd words, maybe he really only speaks "hommie".

My daughter:
Is away at day camp this week with her cousin Isaiah. Today was her first day and she came home with tons to share. She's loving it and is looking forward to the rest of the activities planned for this week.

My hubby:

So done with this post.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Best sisters.

"why am I here?"
My granny, who's in town from Winnipeg.

I know it may look like there's Bailey's in that cup, but really, it's just coffee
My mom, who was given a hard time for bringing a toothbrush and liquid tylenol (just in case), and wiping the kids with bounce sheets.

My friend and her family were brave enough to join us again this year.

My son..... the hardest one in the riff-raff to police, note the leash.

You're gonna have to lean over a heck of a lot more to get out of this pic Bonnie!
My sister's sister in law and her boyfriend, and my sis's mom in law.

love love love
My cousin and his leading lady.

once people starting setting off fireworks in the crowd, he was no longer hard to police, as he spent the rest of the evening with his face in his Dada's chest.

Peace out Hommies!