Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I've been tagged by Carebear!

Man, this is going to be tough but I'll give it a whirl.....

Total books I've ever owned: hmm, we're not big readers over here. My reading material consists of shopping catalogues, Calvin and Hobbes, "Coffee perks", and yes, your blogs. We have a little over 100 books, 50 some of which are my daughters, and to say that I've actually read my share of them is another story.

Last book I bought: I don't really buy myself books anymore, I've learned that they usually sit on the shelf. But this last Christmas we bought books for presents. 'The purpose driven life', 'I kissed dating good bye', and 'what the Bible says about arthritis'.

Last book I read: I'm in the process of re-reading 'every woman's battle'. It's an amazing book filled with many truths, so many that I didn't quite get all of them the first go around.

5 books that mean alot to me:
There have only been a few books that have impacted me me enough to stick them through to the end, and they are
"I kissed dating good bye" the Lord taught me through this book to be thankful with where God has me.
"The purpose driven life" this is another one of those books that should be re-read. An awesome eye opening book of what your role is as a christian.
"Every woman's battle" this was an amazing look at female sexuality and our role as godly women and wives.

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