Monday, September 29, 2008

Update in point form

-thoroughly enjoyed his birthday bash. Made us very proud parents with his good manners and cute social skills.
-is a snotty mess with a cold.
-new words include "mine", "no", and my personal favorite "Walmart".
-has a personality type that needs and desires boundaries and structure. Am blessed that I'm able to stay home and give that to him.

Precious daughter:
-leaves in 3 sleeps to Hawaii!
-is going to be gone for 16 days, the longest she's ever been away, and obviously, the farthest.
-finally lost the tooth that was hanging by a thread, or as Ren & Stimpy might put it, a nerve ending.
-is trading Pokemon cards at school today.
-is now taking voice lessons every Thursday. I'm so excited to see her gifting grow and mature, as it's obvious she was born to sing.

-starting to FREAK OUT about daughter leaving!
-trying to focus on being excited about my shopping trip to Edmonton to get me through these next couple days.
-questioning many things, but am learning...
-recently learned that I have excema, and believe the breakouts I've had were caused by stress. Have broken out again...
-ran with my sis last night, and it was AWESOME! I left my body as wind on the last sprint, and felt like I could run forever (until I stopped of course, and the burning heat in my face set in)

-still makes me laugh everyday.
-may be entering into new territory in his business, praying that God continues to lead us.
-is pouring into his family, loves them so much, encourages me to love deeper and see greater.
-always gets ripped off on these point form updates, because all I can ever think of to say is how awesome he is.
-is awesome.

-is never ending.
-is loving, patient, merciful.
-loves me in my weaknesses, gently pushes me to greater heights, sees all that I could, sees the finished product, knows where I'm at, and loves me the same.
-forgives me, over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over....
-asks that I do the same.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Daniel Paniel Waniel, a monkey trapped within a boy

-1 Month
Impatiently waiting.
Not knowing if it was a boy or a girl, but knowing our lives were going to completely change.
0 Months
"it's a boy!! it's a boy!! it's a boy!!" were the first words my husband screamed, as he witnessed the birth of his first born.

1 Month
This was when he broke out in his baby acne, a taste of whats to come I'm sure.

2 Months
Our first photo shoot. I took so many pictures this night. Good thing his vision is still intact from all the flashes.

3 Months
So proud of our little God-chaser, praying already.

4 Months
This was when he got really chubby and incredibly solid.
Was no longer nervous at all to see my daughter or my sister kids handle him, I knew he could hold his own.

5 Months
He used to sit in this chair and play forever.
Try getting his to sit still now.

6 Months
First time he said "dadadadadadada"
Who'd would've thought we'd still be waiting for him to speak.

7 Months
His baby dedication, all dressed up.

8 Months
Food all over, the beginning of a normal event in our home.

9 Months
First time pulling up in his crib, such a proud little man.

10 Months
Again with the food, his passion, his joy.

11 Months
New shoes.

12 Months
Trying on his way-too-big rubber boots.
The beginning of a new obsession with shoes (just like his mommy)

13 Months

14 Months
Christmas stickers are fun!

15 Months
I so miss these slippers! They were so cute!

16 Months
Now there's the mischeveous look I've come to know and love!

17 Months
At Faith's birthday party.
"I wandered around the whole time scamming food from various tables and plates."
18 Months
Very first comb-over.
"Get it out of your system mom, soon I'll be old enough to know comb-overs are for geeks and nerds."

19 Months
Very first all-terrain-vehicle.

20 Months
Plane? Bird? Nope...
It's Super Man! (with a soggy diaper)

21 Months
New sandbox!

22 Months
First mohawk, with love from daddy.

23 Months
"I love my cars!!"

2 Years,
24 Months,
104 Weeks,
730 Days
to my micheveous, spunky, energenic, off-the wall, cute, bestest, curious, smart, funny, hillarious, entertaining, trusting, serious, expressionless, boyish, animated, bouncy, beautiful, quirky, copy-cat, barrel of monkeys, stinker, goofy, weird, independant, amazing, enjoyable, blessing....
Mr. Daniel Paniel Waniel.
Join us in saying Happy Birthday
(one day late *blush*)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

I am really appreciating my family these days. I love them so much, faults and flaws, no matter what!

We are Family!
I've got all my sisters with me!
We are Family!
Get up everybody and sing!
Everyone can see we're together
As we walk on by
and we fly just like birds of a feather
I won't tell no lie
all of the people around us they say
Can they be that close
Just let me state for the record
We're giving love in a family dose
Living life is fun and we've just begun
To get our share of the world's delights
high hopes we have for the future
And our goal's in sight
no we don't get depressed
Here's what we call our golden rule
Have faith in you and the things you do
You won't go wrong
This is our family Jewel

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


17 more sleeps till we find new mischief in a new city, and spend a ton of money we should'nt be spending on shopping, shopping and more shopping. Cheers.

16 more sleeps till my daughter is whisked off to Honolulu Hawaii! Where she'll see things I can only imagine, and get a tan we'll all be jealous of.

"Indecisive on whether or not I think this slide is fun..."


"Clowning around"
And last but definately not least, 3 more sleeps till our little guy turns TWO!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it

My not-so-little-anymore girl is still loving school. She took her play cell phone to school today, saying that she would talk on it at recess. Apparently she took so long getting ready this morning because Isaiah and Auntie Sarah kept texting her on it.

The beginning of a new hobbie, my hubby and I embarked on making our own wine!

Our very first newborn bottle.

The finished product.

Hehe! We cracked open the precious first bottle to see what we had just created. Of course it tasted very 'young', but it was neat that it was ours.

Baby helping dada mow the lawn..

Was cold at the family potluck, so I put on Isaiah's coat to prove to my sis that it wouldn't fit.
It did.

My AWESOME cousin Robin. His future wife and kids are going to be very blessed someday.

And last but not least,
Farmer Cleedus.
Come'on Cleedus, Come'on!

It's crisis after crisis over here, but God is still VERY good. I love how He draws us so near to Him in times like these, I'm blessed to know the Heavenly Father who loves and comforts.
In other news, my girlfriend and I are road-tripping to Edmonton in October! We are both super duper excited! It'll be weird being without Chris. I've never gone anywhere without him before. I've never even driven on the highway before! Luckily we'll be using a GPS, because we are known for getting lost and flustered. Like the time my mother-in-law asked me to pick up her dogs from a kennel just outside of Martensville, and we got lost (after I drove the car into a ditch and needed a bunch of men to stop and help me out). Or like a bunch of other times, that will just remain unmentioned.
As for me, I am totally addicted to Facebook, and totally ashamed to admit that. I still refuse to jump on the banwagon of adding a bunch of highschool people that you NEVER talk to, just so that I can say I have 300 friends. Sorry, but I do have some pride. Well ok, I have alot... too much, OK OK! I'm full of myself! There! Now I must get back to my Facebook.