Thursday, June 02, 2005

A Blue day or a New day?

Do you ever relate with the weather? It's been raining, cloudy, grey........ I've heard many people relate grey days to "blue" days. But for me, God's washing some things clean. I just finished washing all our summer sandals, making them look 'good as new', so they're ready for another summer. God specializes in making things new, wow, that rocks. I see Him doing it in almost everyone I know. I see healing, trials, and dry times taking place. He's preparing, making these things new so that they are fit for another season.
So, God has been taking me on a journey of learning better spending habits. For those of you who know me, this is a Hallelulia thing! Before I met Chris, money burned holes in my pockets, and I lived check to check. I grew up with little money, so this is just what you did. Then when Chris and I got married, our income got surprisingly larger. You can imagine the tension this caused, as Chris is very financially resonsible, heck, he's a financial advisor! God bless my husband as he's been so patient and gentle with me....... I've been looking around and asking myself why the heck I have 20 pairs of pants, 20 pairs of shoes and 50 tops. Is this really neccesary? Please don't answer..... So, for the last month or two, I've been in the process of downsizing my overly exessive lifestyle. Not only is it completely materialistic, but my husband doesn't need the added on pressure of having a spending freak sitting at home waiting for the paycheck. It's been up and down, but I will not give up. I've been slipping into my old ways of thinking a bit (I got the Ikea and the Sears catologues the other day, sigh!), but my hearts desire is to be transformed in this area. To be made new!
I've been slacking in my house duties. I've been fighting off a cold, and now that it's almost gone, I'm feeling lazy and unproductive. I can't seem to finish up Jonah's room, and that is ticking me off. It's been a "started" project for a long time, and I can only stand unfinished work for a little bit. So on that note, I suppose I have work to do, thank God for new days,


  1. Yeah Ninette!! Extra Foods is way better by the way! Safeway is sublime! So...if ya have all that cash...wanna buy a house? There's a very cute pink girl's room already finished (lion of Judah on the wall, apple tree, butterflies, flowers and hearts)!! Office space for Chris, studio space for you...sounds good don't ya think? Close to Terry and Wanda, the girls.......good garden!!(ha ha) Close to downtown, great school (very nice to homeschoolers!!) THINK ABOUT IT (no pressure)

  2. Hey Nin:
    Isn't life funny. Satan sure wants to through you for a loop sometimes, but I know you see that detour that he is trying hard to place in your life. I have complete faith that God will renew you into complete submission to His will. And he will break down, and destroy, the things that still hold you down.

    Love you