Friday, June 30, 2006

cool and comfy.....well, cool anyway

My hubby and I have packed our bags, slipped our child under our arm and trucked over to my mother-in-laws central air conditioned home. Last night was the best sleep I've had in a while. I actually used a blanket, and didn't need a fan blowing full blast 2 inches away from my body.

I officially enter into my third trimester tomorrow. I went in for my prenatal appointment yesterday, and I now need to go in every two weeks. I forgot that you did that in the third trimester. Fun! I definately put on weight this last month, and my feet sure feel it. I'm in the process of searching around for some better sandals that will give my feet the support they need. I have no idea what I'm looking for, or what supportive shoes even feel like. I've never cared about what's good for my feet. I've always chalked up blisters, scratches and sore arches and heels as just part of being a female. No pain no gain sister.

My hubby and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary in Edmonton this last weekend. Of course the picture queen has many stilled memories to share, so stay tuned. We had an awesome time, I love my hubby so much. Tonight my little neice is over here for a sleepover, and tomorrow night we embark on yet another family adventure at Defienbaker park for the fireworks. Hope you guys have an awesome Canada day weekend. :)


  1. You should get a pair of crocs. They are super comfortable, it's like walking on air. Of course, I am a cheap person, so I bought myself a rip-off version from where else, Canadian Tire. They are awesome,and the best part is I got 2 pair for the price of the original crocs. ($30)
    Have a great Canada day celebration!!

  2. HOO HOO HOO~~~~

    Yes, I'm getting all the canada flag tattoos ready, our red and white clothes and our canada umbrella hats...
    uncle john bought some red and white fireworks this year! and of course a tarp....just in case!

    in the last month you have to go every week to your prenatal! I'm willing to take Jonah if you ever need....cause I'm sure I'll be needed you in the future!! haha

    it was a good walk to mac's. Jonah was successful at walking quite well with her scraped knee. and I got to enjoy a few blue whales and marshmellow strawberries!

  3. thanks for the memories...

  4. I hear ya about not caring about what goes on your feet. Unfortunately, I've been wearing cheap high heels to work for almost 8 years now. I've got callouses on the top of each foot just above the big toe and callouses at my heels. When I started getting a pain in the ligaments connecting my big toe to the rest of my foot, my doctor told me I've agitated the nerves. It's something that's accumulated over time. So I need to be a lot more careful about my feet. There's a friendly warning for you. It's worth it to watch what you put on your feet.

  5. Congrats on entering into the infamous third trimester! I'm so jealous - I want to be there already! Anyway, comfy shoes are a good thing. I never knew what an invested extra few bucks could get me until my mother-in-law bought me some good shoes. Wow. Of course, on my own I am still taking Payless and Walmart's shoe section by storm. I will say, however, that I have one pair of Columbia hiker sandals that are incredibly comfy.

  6. Hope you had a great Canada Day celebration...I think thats when I started to read you and your sister's blogs. I vaguely remember some interesting pictures of you all hiding under a tarp in the rain I think.

    Anyways, happy anniversary, happy third trimester! All great milestones to be thankful for!

    As far as shoes...their pricy, but I lived in mine while I was prego...birkenstocks! Take care!