Thursday, June 15, 2006

A small fortune later, my little one is happy after her evening at the fair. It was pouring rain on our way there, so we thought we were going to have to do it another day. Little one was quite dissapointed, but handled it well. We headed in to Walmart since we were there anyway. We said a little prayer to God to ask if He could stop the rain for us, but if not, we knew someone must need the rain more than we needed to go to the fair. When we were done in Walmart, the clouds had broken and the rain had ceased. It was so nice for my hubby and I to share that moment with our little girl. We thanked God together.

1 comment:

  1. looks like you had lots of fun...God is so good that He would allow you to share that moment with Jonah and see that God does care even about the small things --like going to the fair.
    You both are doing such a great job!
    many blessings