Wednesday, June 07, 2006


What makes someone want to be all alone on an island? Sounds like fun, sign me up.....
I'm still trying to get used to this whole concept, it doesn't make sense to me. Being secretive, fake, surfaced, why?? I'm not used to not knowing what's going on in the lives of my loved ones. I'm not used to having to dig for information, usually it's given to me freely, no questions asked. My sister and I were laughing today about how our family is the farthest thing from an island. In fact, we all share the same island, pushing eachother in the water and throwing coconuts at eachother, when we're not swinging from the trees of course. My hubby was trying to encourage me today, reminding me that God has placed everyone in my life for a very specific reason, and I need to keep my eyes focused on that reason, and not my own frustrations. I guess I just don't know how a life that's lived in secret, is worth living at all. Isn't the joy of this life to share it with others? Why do we need to guard everything so closely, and have such suspicions when it comes to sharing our hearts, or heaven forbid, our struggles? What is there to be afraid of?

But aside from all that....
My hubby and I are coming up on our 2nd year anniversary on the 19th! Praise God for His faithfulness, don't know where we would be without His endless mercy and grace in our relationship. I've been amazed lately at how God has redeemed so much in us, and how He continues to be glorified in things that we thought were too muddy to even show His face. My hubby and I both have pasts that lack purity. When we got engaged, we decided that we would walk in righteouness, and save it for our marriage. I can remember thinking when the rubber met the road, that it was easier said than done. One time I ran into a room and closed the door. I was crying to God, saying there's no way I can do this! It's too hard! It was amazing to hear His gentle response. "I've been waiting for you to say that......." From that moment on, I gave God the reigns, and He carried us through, right till the very end, and redeemed all that we had walked through. What a blessing that was, a blessing I never thought I would ever be able to have, from the bad choices I had made. Isn't that God's mercy? Not giving us what we DO deserve, and giving us all that we DON'T deserve. When my hubby and I were first married, we found it very hard to adjust. We can laugh about it all now, and we sure do, but at the time, I wondered why on earth God had ever brought us together. I still stand by my theory that opposites attract because God has a sense of humour. I'm sure I couldn't count how many good laugh attacks we gave Him in those first few months. God continues to walk us through many things, from the choices we've made in our past, and we continue to walk them out together hand in hand. Somehow it doesn't hurt so bad when you know you've got someone right beside you who will love you no matter what. I'm glad that God is walking us through these things, because I know glory is on the other side, and by the word of our testimony many people will come to know His love and forgiveness. I love my husband more than ever, my heart continues to grow and grow for him. I love watching him grow into an amazing man of God. I too easily forget how awesome he is. I know that I am where I am because of how my husband has led me. Of course many times I don't listen, but even then, he's so merciful. I can't wait to see where God will take us in the next year. A new baby....a new home perhaps.... to many new beginnings I'm sure.

May the God who loves and forgives, be glorified in your life today. I taught Sunday school the other week, and we made posters on how we could never ever gain our salvation. We tried to think of analogies, and I loved what the girls came up with....
Like eating your own head,
Like fishing on the moon,
Like camping on the sun,
Like seeing a leprechaun,
Like walking on a rainbow,
It's impossible, to gain what we have already been freely given.
Wow. Amen girls!


  1. As far as the island goes....
    I thought it was funny that when we need a break, we have to climb up a tree to get some space, or tell someone to go for a swim and don't come back for a couple of hours....
    I love our family and I don't mind fig leaves and coconut juice!

    Actually, when I get to heaven, it's my dream to slide down a rainbow! And I am counting on God to let me do that!!!
    I told Noah that that it my life long slide down a't wait.
    (not to take away from your cool analogies!)

  2. Wow, Nin - I don't even know what to comment, just... WOW! You are awesome, and you've been a great testimony to me through all your beautiful (and long) comments. I feel so bad that mine are so short and insignificant. You have a gift girl!

  3. thank you for those awesome are so awesome, too! it's a joy to see you guys being married! you are an example and an encouragement to many.