Tuesday, June 06, 2006

My cousin in the back and my niece at her taekwondo competition. Doesn't my cousin look like Jeannine Garofalo?

No but seriously!...........WHO would put that there? Any questions, ask Carebear.

My hubby being a boy with his toys.

A sisterhood made in heaven........where thunder rolls and lightning crashes. lol :)

A present from my little one. Awwww........

I tell ya....... if his mother saw his manners when she's not around......

Weeeee!!!! Go dad!

My lizard has been really sick for the last few weeks. We not exactly up for forking out hundreds of dollars for a vet visit, so we've been trying our best to nurse him back to health. Jericho has not been my favorite household member since day one. The first time I ever held him he pooped on me, and so you know, his poop is never solid. "That stupid lizard" has come out of my mouth at least a million times in the last two years. But in the last few weeks, I've actually developed a heart for the little guy. Seeing him sick and having a hard time has brought something out in me that makes me want to care for him. So, today, I was giving him a dose of calcium, and he pooped all over the clean fresh pants that I had just put on 5 minutes before. Not only that, but when I held him away from me and called for my hubby, he decided he wasn't done, and went all over the floor. Very frustrated, I'm asking myself why I even started caring about THAT STUPID LIAZARD. I knew I wasn't an animal lover, what made me think I could change.


  1. Ahh love the pics, to bad for you little pet. Umm yeah so like Sarah....rofl.

  2. K,....so like.....ranya.....

    I remember the night Jacob didn't come home. I used to HOPE that that "stupid cat" wouldn't come home and then I wouldn't have to deal with him again. THen it finally happened.....Halloween night....
    Jacob didn't come home the next morning. My heart swelled with compassion for him...."what if he's cold, hungry, or what if someone hurt him?"
    As the morning went on, I actually had a few tears and called the animal control to report him!
    Then.....at around 1100am, he trodded over the hill...like the littlest, lost hobo. With a red poka dotted bag on a stick over his back. Headed for home.
    I was so happy to see him! I kissed the fur ball a dozen times only to kick him back out a few hours later when I found him tearing up all my toilet paper!

    You chould explain the slip and slide more with more pics Or were we in not decent attire?

  3. Well I think our animals bring out the best in us and the worst in us sometimes........when I have to groom and cut my dogs hair I wonder why I have 3 of them.....but then after they are soo cute and cuddly.....and I just fall in love with them over and over again.....I am a huge animal lover though....sign....for some that would be considered a flaw but they bring me so much joy!
    I love the pictures.....