Saturday, August 09, 2008


This morning, added to my list of things I can do:

Run 20 flights of stairs, 3 times

That's 60 baby!

Us: Infinity

Radisson: 0

Thanks for twisting my arm of steel Sarah, hopefully it gets good and rubbery soon. Love ya!


  1. aw, aren't sisters the BEST??! it always warms my heart to hear your latest shinanigans & accomplishments with your sis ;) blessings to you today.

  2. That is awsome!

    But those rubber arms are creepy!

  3. I am happy and proud to be a called a sanguine in this season! Usually the sanguine is getting heck for being late, too emotional, too quick, talking too much, talking their mind, not finishing what they start, backing out.........

    But the passion of sanguine has lead this team on! Go sanguine passion! Mixed in with God's maturing qualities of being able to stick something out!

    Yeah, those stairs rocked! everyone did great! I loved how cheryl praised God on flight 60 with her hands up and eyes closed.

    It was a heavenly experience! And of course, to finish off the sanguine comments......

    "soon we will do 80!"
    hahahahahah (evil/holy laugh)

  4. our cheeks look really funny in this pic! mostly yours do, but my hair looks weird! what the heck did I do with it!?

    Did I say I had a blast? Wow! Honestly, can't wait till next saturday and do it all again! (I still can't believe I'm saying things like that)

  5. Anonymous8:34 PM

    That seriously made me pant out of breath just reading. Barf!

  6. I really need to just live in Stoon and have you girls motivate me to run.

  7. Way to go!!
    I agree with Christy...those rubber arms are pure creepiness!!LOL