Thursday, August 28, 2008

The load of a grade 2'er.

After trying on 50,000,000 pairs of shoes on... we chose these.

"This is me in grade two baby YEAH this is me in grade two!"

"She was a skater girl she said see ya later boy!"

"Uh mom, watch the road."

So there you have it folks, I had a child, blinked, then sent her off to grade 2. Her being super pumped to start this new year helps me be happy too, and only a little sad.

Things she's pumped about:

-having a "boy teacher"

-seeing all her friends

-having our neighbor from across the street in her class this year


-getting notes in her lunches from mommy

-her new skater shoes

My son:

-is reminding us how smart he is everyday

-loves to brush his teeth at the sink all by himself

-loves to jump on ma and da's bed

-loves to color on everything (except paper) including couches, walls, doors, sister's books and various belongings, and recently, Elishah's back and Isaiah's bedding.

-is turning TWO in 22 sleeps! Am already mentally preparing and planning!

My hubby:

-has been such a rock these last few hard weeks, how did I get to be lucky?

-washed 99.9% of the dishes while we awaited a new dishwasher (I say 99.9% because I washed dishes once, and I need to make mention of it, because it sucked.)

-loves me in the good and loves me extra in the bad


-still feeling much better

-excited about new seasons

-a little nervous, but ready to let go of what I need to, to receive the new things that are coming

Miscellaneous, but equally important:

-My daughter's dad and stepmom are expecting baby #2 in April!

-My mother-in-law is coming over to plant more strawberries in my planter (so that hopefully next year I get more than 6, 3 of those don't count as Daniel stomped on and squished them)

-I was able to meet Rebekah, Kim, and Angie on Tuesday! It was such a blessing to put faces and bodies to these blogs that have blessed me so much! I forgot my stupid camera, so I'll have to wait for my sis to send me the pics....... Sarah are you reading this?
-I am sick of doing NOTHING! And am ready to get my butt back in gear! Running, strength, getting up and ready in the mornings... Let's go people!

"I don't need a man to complete my life"
"I don't need a man to complete my life"
"I'm perfect the way the I am"
"I'm perfect the way that I am"
"and I hate Charles"
"and I hate Charles"
(-Drop dead fred-)
(the latest movie quote that kept me distracted last time we did the stairs)

Coming next...

"This, is my brother Ted, his wife Melissa, and their children, Anita Dianne and Nick. Over here, my brother Tommy, his wife Anzee, and their children, Anita, Dianne and Nick. Over here, my brother George, his wife Frida, and their children, Anita, Dianne and Nick, Tacki, Sophie, Carrie, Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, Nick, uh, Nikki, and I, am Gus."


  1. Yeah, what goes on in the stair well at the Radisson!! HAHA

    "PEEEE UUUUUU!! What's that smell????????"
    (Girl comes walking down the stair well to meet us)

    " that your perfume? Smells nice (big smile)"

    -Sarah "I'm going to keep going okay?"
    -Nin "Nhhhhhh.....I neeed yoohh"
    -Nin "Huffing"
    -Sarah (rescuer mode) "OKAY OKAY,,,Don't worry, just a couple more flights...."

    I should get the pics off my camera to post the "spine" that Daniel drew on Elishah. She went to Bonnie's later that day and Bonnie thought that I was teaching the kids somthing about the body....HAHA
    and the bed is still striped with red lines and scribbles
    But at least he didn't do what Jonah did when she was 2!!!!!!!!!

    Remember.....Jonah decided to smear her lovely smelling poop all over the wall!!

  2. LOL to Bonnie thinking you were teaching the kids something about the body! LOLOL, so something a homeschooler would do.
    "Ok kids, this is the spine, Elishah quit moving turn around! As I was saying, this is the spine...."
    And chuckle chuckle giggle giggle snicker snicker to Jonah smearing poop all over the wall, and LOL to the fact that I didn't even clean it up! lol, YOU did! hahahahahaha. Yeah, that sucks.

  3. Is your daughters name Jonah? You know after all these years of reading your blog I had no idea that was her name! I love it!

    By the way...she is the prettiest grade 2er around!

  4. ok ok ok , this is so bad, but i thought i read "Loves me in the good, and loves me extra in the bed"



  6. I am glad I was able to meet you. I can't wait to see pics too.
    Wow your little girl is going to be a good looking woman. You'll have to keep your eye on her.
    Email me and let me know how that conversation went. I was thinking of you.

  7. I thought that too when I read over it and was like, hmmm, I wonder if anyone will say anything. And tadaaa!

  8. Guess I am officially single as I actually read it correctly. Glad to hear things are going better. :)

    Exercise 0 Lack of sleep 10, but I did throw bales all week so that must count for something:) Maybe not all week, but more than less;)

  9. you have got one very beautiful little girl...