Thursday, August 21, 2008

Us, us and us

"You're saying this isn't a face mask?"

"Oops! My bad."

The bestest kids in the world.





Sigh... my tebeebeeness.
These last weeks have been a whirlwind of emotions. So much to take in and process. Everything in me wants to run away, and some days I did, and some days I do. I'm hating that I keep checking out, getting quiet, zoning out. This isn't like me, I wear my heart on my sleeve, I talk (and talk and talk and talk), and I'm supposed to feel better when I cry. So far, I'm just crying.
Life keeps on going, people keep on living, responsibilties keep on coming, and I just wish the world for stop for a sec, and let me breathe.
Please pray for my family as the Lord leads you. We are walking through some very hard times. I refuse to check out to the point of having no hope.... although, I am close. I feel very tired. I know my spirit needs rest, not sleep. I am thankful for the people in my life who are helping keep me awake.
In other news,
I washed a load yesterday, and mixed the colored's with the whites. *gasp* I was taught to think this was pure evil, and must never be done. I felt so rebellious and irreponsible placing the mixed clothes in the washer, and said a little prayer for protection as I turned it on. But here's the thing, I only had one load, and it was all done and put away so fast! Instead of waiting for there to be enough dirty clothes to fill two loads (and a husband politely asking, "honey? do I have any clean socks?") I just did one, and it was wonderful! My sis has been trying to convince me to do this forever. This may all seem silly to some, but laundry is forever rulling my life. Yesterday, I felt I won.


  1. OOOOOO The battle of the laundry vs. humans!!!! It's goes on and on....

    Just like running, laundry is all in your head heh? It's more than half the battle. (for me anyway) Good for you for breaking out of the legalistic, religious way of doing laundry!!!!
    doing it that way is for a brood of vipers!!!

    Laundry and dishes. The two things that you have no option for checking out, no matter what's going on in life. I have found that laundry, has actually grown me spiritually! There's the four legs of your table again....

    I have been praying for rest for you. I had a picture this morning as I was praying...

    You were a neon stick man in a dark room. All lifeless.

    Then this glowing (like what you'd see at a rave, like with black lights and neon colors) BLAST of NEON COLOR came in the form of a "tracer" (like when you're trippin) and it was a THICK RAY OF LIGHT it came from the sky. It hit you (a little helpless stick man) and you fell over onto your back and just laid there. It kept coming and coming, more and more light just was washing over you. It was just amazing to watch. You just laid there, unable to move becuase of the weight and force of this wave of light. As it was pouring right into you, you (the little stick man) you had these little 'shards' of light sticking out of your body from the impact.

    Then you started to glow more and more!!!!! it tapered off after a long while and you stood up. You were beaming beaming and had this strength about you. You stood tall, and began to walk. The light that was RADIATING from you was full of JOY.....You were full to the fullest fullest capacity. With even excess light, basically more than you needed...

    That's what the picture was when I prayed for you this morning. Pretty cool heh???
    I thought so. I had to think to myself if I had ate some bad mushrooms!! HAHA, no I'm kidding, it was really amazing!

  2. I wash my whites with my colors all the time...unless that dark is something new! And I have never had a problem with it!

    Praying for you and your family Nin!!

  3. Oh Nin, if it wasn't 10:30 your time I would call you right now. I hope to hear more about all of this when I see you in a few days.

  4. Sending hugs and prayers you way!

  5. BTW...I miss Kinsmen Park...I hope you all had fun! Its such a simple inexpensive...but the kids have the best time there...there is nothing like that here:(

  6. Praying for you...

  7. don't think I've told you lately how amazing you are. created in his image, prepared to do great things cause he made you that way. i pray you find sanctuary and sabbath rest in the arms of your great lover.

    And remember - the washing machine is your personal slave - you can make it do whatever you want!!