Thursday, June 26, 2008

Schoooooool's out
for Sum-Mah!
Schooooool's out
for Ev-Ah!


  1. gotta love alice cooper!

    I'm honored to be the one to teach her that this year!!!
    She sings it perfectly!

    YEA!!!! let's sun bathe, swim, play all summer long!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I keep watching the vidoes of us on the ball....that was stupid fun! LOL

  3. Your hair looks really cute. The meal looks great. I could use a chef over in this country here. It seems to take forever to cook here for some reason and I need some creative ideas for meals with chicken.
    I love your relationship with your sister. Such cool friends the two of you are with each other.

  4. waiting for your canada day post!!!did you check out my links from other years? I'll try and post some of auntie's BBQ too