Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Best sisters.

"why am I here?"
My granny, who's in town from Winnipeg.

I know it may look like there's Bailey's in that cup, but really, it's just coffee
My mom, who was given a hard time for bringing a toothbrush and liquid tylenol (just in case), and wiping the kids with bounce sheets.

My friend and her family were brave enough to join us again this year.

My son..... the hardest one in the riff-raff to police, note the leash.

You're gonna have to lean over a heck of a lot more to get out of this pic Bonnie!
My sister's sister in law and her boyfriend, and my sis's mom in law.

love love love
My cousin and his leading lady.

once people starting setting off fireworks in the crowd, he was no longer hard to police, as he spent the rest of the evening with his face in his Dada's chest.

Peace out Hommies!


  1. Nice pics! I can't seem to get my pics off my camera! I ll have to wait for mr. technology to get home....I know I have some good ones. Daniel was so cute this year. Just looking back to last year in his little nemo suit....

  2. Yay for a fun Canada Day!! Noah spent the fireworks burying his face in my chest too....we went to the car a lot earlier then anticipated :((

  3. Looks like fun. Love the leash. Is would have one by now if his daddy would only let him.

  4. haha. I used to be so anti-kid-leash. I thought the idea was so silly, like parents should be able to control their kids right? But my son is so crazy!! And in situations like the fireworks or something like the Ex, where there are TONS of people, it just makes sense. I know my son, if he wandered off, he'd be long gone, and would probably just keep on going.
    Plus, my son really hates to be confined. I'm all for making him "suck it up", and learn that he's not the boss, but he's like a little puppy. He needs to get out sometimes and run around. So figure, if he's a puppy, might as well get him a puppy leash.