Sunday, June 08, 2008

breaking new ground

Walking this journey towards health and wellness has had more ups and downs than I ever imagined. It's been way harder (better, faster, stronger), and way more rewarding than I dreamed.

There is so much stiring in my heart, but I'm still chewing on it all myself. I know that running this 2K with my sis was not about running 2K, it was about both of us, as a team, stickin it to the laziness and low self-worth we have walked in all our lives. And man, did that feel good.

I'm encouraged today, that God is so pleased with us! We are doing things that are being done for the first time, breaking new ground, and our Daddy is jumping for joy with us, our number one fan, our loudest cheerleader.

May we not leave this secret place, where we are safe to be us, safe to grow and learn, where it's just us, being compared to no one but ourselves, remembering where we've been, and anticipating without doubt where we're going.

I love you Sarah!


  1. LOL, my post is just like yours!! haha... That feeling of crossing the finish line was amazing! more than I ever thought....can't wait till the next race!

    I could have never done this without you. I'm just imagining crossing that finish line all by myself....can you just picture that for a moment.....

    it would feel so empty, like someone was missing. When I really reflect on crossing that finish line, having you with me was such a big part of that blessing!

    Yep, we are officially "fitness people" (saying that outloud still sounds weird)

    God, lead us.... may we follow you with all our hearts

  2. Wonderful post!!! I watched the clip a couple of times! It was awesome!
    God is great!
    Congratulations!!! Keep up the great work!!

  3. OHHHHHH.....This is a huge accomplishment..way to go Nin and Sarah!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Reading about your relationship with your sister and what he is doing in both of you is always a blessing to me.

    Way to go on the run! Awesome testimony!


  5. Anonymous8:04 PM

    You guys are always so inspiring! Great job!