Tuesday, June 24, 2008

good times

My anniversary supper, made by my personal take-home-chef: my hubby of many talents....

Does my neck look all giraffish?

Appetizer: spinach dip in a bread bowl

Main course: creamy broccoli stuffed chicken breasts

Dessert: Skor bar cake with whipped cream and strawberries

As you can imagine, I was very impressed. It got me wondering if there was anything that my husband could'nt do. I really thought about it, and was stumped. Of course my humble hubby tried spitting out answers, but it was obvious, he is,

So our weekend was wonderful. My daughter was away at the lake with her dad, stepmom and sister, having a blast swimming, boating and going to the clubhouse for candy. While we too made the most of the sunny days here, spending most of our time outside. I'm proud to say my skin is officially sunkissed.

It's so nice to enjoy the outdoors so much more now. I love walking around and heading to all the neat things going on in the city. I'm so blessed that my hubby has been such a good influence on me in that way. Other years I would just want to sit in the sun and do nothing, other can catch some good ol' heat stroke. I am still a sucker for sun bathing though, don't get me wrong ;)

My sister came over last night for a visit, and we had no idea what to do with ourselves, since we're always surrounded by kids saying "I'm thirsty, I'm hungry, what's for supper? Faith hit me, Daniel pulled my hair, Noah isn't sharing, Isaiah is being rude, Elishah is hurt, Jonah's tattling, Faith is bugging us, Noah isn't helping us clean, Daniel is beating up the ginea pigs, Eishah climbed on the kitchen table, Jonah's ignoring me, we can't find this, we can't reach that, I'm hot, I'm cold, I'm tired, I don't want a nap, we don't want to play outside, we want to play outside, we're borrrrrrrred....."

Oops, am I coming across as needing adult time?

So my sis was over last night, and as I said we had no idea what to do with ourselves. So we did this:

ever try balancing on a ball without letting your feet touch the ground?


As I was writting this post which has taken forever, I forgot about the weiners I had boiling in a pot upstairs. Needless to say all the water had evaperated and the weiners were sizzling and burning at the bottom of the pot. Yummay!


  1. Wow what a feast your hubby made! Yummy! Is there a recipe for that Skor cake?

    I need to try and balance on a ball now without my feet touching the ground! Endless hours of entertainment it looks like!

  2. "Daniel is beating up the ginea pigs" LOL funny.

  3. Okay all that food made my tummy growl...what a great hubby you have!!! You and Sarah would be mucho fun to hang out with..those videos had me laughing..okay, maybe even Cackling a little bit...too funny!!!! And NO, your neck does not look "giraffeish"

  4. If you want to try a dining experience that is great for you and some good friends and you can handle fish, (though technically you can do it without fish and use other meats but cooked) is to do a sushi night.

    My fiancé got me hooked on the stuff.

    It takes some time to make but it is very easy, just planning and time and a great great supper.

  5. Hey Andrew, I can't get to your blog!
    But it's funny you mentioned sushi, cuz I too have gotten hooked. I love it! A friend of mine taught me how to make it, and it was so much fun, I've been wanting to have a sushi making evening for a while, so thank you for the gentle nudge! :)

  6. that was so funny when you WHACKED the coffee table super hard and pushed it into the couch!!! LOL

  7. haha... i love the wiener comment!

  8. Way too funny....balancing on a round ball when our bottoms are round in the other way... oh, I have left things on the oven all of the time...