Thursday, August 03, 2006

He is patient, and He is faithful

My husband was ready to make babies on our wedding night. I on the other hand, pumped my body full of Depo-Provera in fear of getting pregnant. The thought of starting a family did not appeal to me at all, so I made up my mind that we were not going to have kids for at least five years into our marriage. If God or my hubby had a problem with that, they would have to suck it up. Nin, had spoken.
So a year went by and I started to notice God chipping away at my heart, softening it to the idea. Reminding me that He would never give me anything I couldn't handle, reminding me that His way was far more glorious than walking my own way, and reminding me that walking the road of being un-wed and pregnant at 16 was not His desire for me, He had given me a new beginning, to experience it His way this time. So I got to thinking, and concluded that I would submit, if we bought a house first. I knew that this was in the very near future for us, so I figured, ok God, we'll compromise. Once again, Nin, had spoken.
So we started shopping for a house. This was a very exciting time for me, as buying a house was not even a thought that entered my mind, I never thought that we would be able to be in a house that soon. I had grown up in rental properties all my life, and it wasn't until 4 years ago that my parents bought their first house. The thought of actually moving forward in that direction baffled my mind, and I was quite excited to see what God had in store for us. Finally, just before Christmas, we found a house we loved. We walked away from it with a lot to talk and pray about. When we aproached God about it, He made His answer very clear. "Stop looking for a house." Huh? He was gracious enough to repeat Himself a couple of times, to make sure we really got it, "Stop looking for a house, and stop walking in this direction." Whoa, we were stunned. But for whatever reason, and bless His name that He was so patient with us, we submitted. We layed down that house, let it go, and stop walking in the direction of buying a house. God then led us to a time of teaching us, about finances, responsibity, obedience, and building a storehouse. We walked this out with Him, and knew that His plans were greater than ours. We knew that He did in fact have a house for us, and that He would give it to us in His timing, not ours. God, had spoken.
Right after all this happened, God made it very clear that He wanted us to have a baby, now. This terrified me, because deep down, I knew that we were going to obey. So, we followed His lead, and got pregnant. I thought in the back of my mind that we would start trying, but of course, because God said now, it only took one egg. God, had spoken.
So here I am, pregnant, in a two bedroom apartment, wondering what God is doing up there. He faithfully brought me to a place of being content with staying in this apartment. He made it clear to us that He had works He wanted us to complete while we were here, people He wanted us to minister to. He led me to this post, Why do they call them apartments?, and I found much encouragement, hope and reassurance that we weren't alone. I was alright if He asked us to stay here, and since He hadn't directed us to pursue a house yet, we assumed that's what He was asking us. Then one day we got a card in the mail from my sister-in-law. She told us about this program called "Home First". It's a government program for first time home buyers, who's income falls under a certain level. We met all the requirements and qualified right away. We now had our down payment covered, and all we needed to do was find a house. God gave us the ok to start looking again, so we did.
We weren't in a big rush like before, and since I was into my second trimester already, we figured we'd take our time. We kept looking for a nice character home in the same area we were looking in before. The program we had qualified for mentioned to us that they had three properties vaccant already, but they were all on the same street, the same street as my parents, and sister and brother-in-law. My hubby and I laughed at the idea, and closed that door right away. There was no way I was living that close to my family. I love them, but that was just not in my plan. Once again, Nin had spoken.
So we shut the door on God's face, and didn't completely realize how arrogant we were being until a couple of months ago. We realized that God wasn't able to move and work if we weren't allowing Him to, so we said we would at least take a look at the properties. We viewed one, and walked out completely forgetting what street it was on. This was our house, we knew it. In the weeks to come God sealed the deal, opened all the doors that needed to be opened, dotted all our i's and crossed all our t's. We bought a house!!! Ahhhh, on my parents and sisters street! God is so unbelievable. He has shown His faithfulness is ways that I had never imagined. He gave me a house, one month before this baby will be born. Our posession date is exactly one month before my due date. Our God is not limited by time! He doesn't need to do things the way we think they should be done. He gave me the desire of my heart, because He's my daddy and He wants to bless me, and bless me and bless me. I'm so glad that God has spoken in our lives. I'm so thankful that I submitted to His plans and not my own, that He was patient with me through my disobedience, that He has greater plans for us than we do, which He has made very evident by placing us on the same street as my family. When I allow God to minister to my spirit about His heart for that street, and His heart for my family, I'm floored. I'm so excited to see what God has in store. I look over all the human plans that I made, and God prevailed over them all. I've tasted and seen that His plans are to prosper me and not to harm me. He is good, He is faithful, and He is God.
God, has spoken. Over and out.


  1. sooooo exciting! and what a lesson about God's timing - something that once again I'm having to learn about...He has His plans & He will take care of me.
    Too bad i don't still live over there - we could all hang out!!!
    can't wait to see pics of your new place! i'm so happy for you!

  2. That's so awesome Nin!! Congratulations!! Can't wait to see pics of the place!!

  3. If you need ANY help, what-so-ever, call and I will be there as fast as I can. I can clean and I can move things and I can babysit.

  4. jessie, jessie, you are such a servant!

    i love how you write.....
    nudge nudge, you ARE a writer!
    God may do something with this gift...

  5. My dear friend, I am so excited for you and so sad that I have missed out on all this new excitement of your life. I learn so much from watching you walk in obedience. Your marriage speaks volumes of God's blessings to obedience. I love you.

  6. Yay! Congrats on your new home!

  7. wow, a lot's happened since i've been gone...

    almost makes me wish that we'd never have moved from that street....we'd be having a real party!

    maybe terry and i actually did plant some seeds there those many years ago, and you guys are going to get to reap them...

  8. Blogless one,
    I was thinking that. That all your prayers for this street, God may have called us all in as an answer to your prayers for lights in this neighbourhood. It would've been totally cool to have you here too! I've thought about if you were still here...
    But like nin said, God has spoken and his plans are being carried out here on Whelan just as He intended. Thank you for all the unseen ground work, prayers, seeds that your family has laid here, and yes, i'm sure we will reap some of that seed!
    how exciting!!

  9. God is SO Good! Congratulations Nin...its a wonderful feeling to have a house and to KNOW that God provided it just for YOU!

  10. Wow, congrats. What an honor to be obedient, hey. If only we could be obedient all the time, lol. Then life, as God attended it to be, would be much easier.

    I am so excited to see where God will take you and your new family in the months ahead.