Saturday, August 26, 2006

2 Baby updates

My baby at about 18 to 20 inches and 5 to 6 pounds, is looking plump and less wrinkly now as fat deposits fill out it's adorable form. Creases have formed around the baby's wrists and neck, and the dimples I'll soon be kissing have started to appear on the elbows and knees. With the uterine home now increasingly cramped, baby has little room for gymnastics, so I feel less vigorous kicking and more twisting and wiggling. Just like a newborn, my baby has regular periods of active sleep, deep sleep, active wakefulness and quiet wakefulness. Brain growth continues at a fantastic clip. Baby's lungs are approaching full maturity.
Am looking more and more forward to no longer being 'pregnant', and becoming a 'mommy' to this little one my husband and I have been blessed to create together. God continues to prepare me with the faith and trust that I will need to mother this child. The more I seek His perfect grace, the more I know my husband and I will be great parents. His faithfulness is enough to sustain my hopes and dreams, and His peace is enough to cover my fears and doubts.
A big congratulations to my daughter's dad and step-mom, who just had their new baby girl last night! My little girl is officially a big sister. If you feel lead, please keep them in your prayers. May God's blessing be on this new family, and may His love be revealed and received.


  1. Anonymous6:49 AM

    What a beautiful picture Nin! Looking great! Ah, just a few more weeks to go. How does it feel? I love how you make Christ your #1 focus - and how you believe that He will provide you with all the strength, patience, etc. you need as parents. That's so great - I really hope I can start to focus more on Him too, as I prepare to be a mommy. I just can't wait! God bless you richly today, and always.

  2. I haven't been able to leave comments lately. it's annoying. I can't believe how fast the time is going. I'm sure for you it feels like it's going way slower. but it seems liek just around the corner.....heh! just like you from me!! hehehe (joe joke)

  3. i cannot believe how fast time has gone!! (at least for me anyways!! haha) you are almost done, girl!