Monday, July 31, 2006

pregnancy sighs...

Don't remember the last time I experienced a full nights uninterupted sleep. I seem to wake every hour, for either toilet callings, back pain, general physical uncomforatableness, and more back pain. I know it's normal to get a lot less sleep as the time gets closer, you're big you're heavy and baby is taking up and using everything you need to sleep well, but since my back pain started back when we concieved, I've been having poor sleeps for a lot longer than the average pregnancy brings on. Sometimes my back cramps up real bad, to the point where I can't even roll over to my other side, so I get out of bed and walk it off. Yes, I wander around the apartment at odd hours, walking back and forth, up and down, from room to room. Finally when it's feeling a little better I get back into bed and lay there with my eyes wide open, wide awake. It's bringing back memories of when I had insomnia, and I would lay in bed and look at my husband, feeling tremendous jealousy of him laying there so peacefully. At times feeling impish and wanting to wake him up, so he can share in your misery. Although, my hubby has his share of complaints. Since I move around and get up so much, he doesn't rememeber the last time he has a good nights sleep either. Not to mention all the times he has to get up to get me something. He's become enemies with my body pillow, as it takes up most of his room. Add a large growing wife to that body pillow and hubby is left with negative sleeping room. Sigh....
People say the silliest things when you're pregnant. "Wow you're getting BIG!" is always a good one, but my personal favorite is,
"So when are you due?"
" you still have a ways to go yet."
"yeah".......................SMACK! Like I forgot. Thank you for bringing me back to reality, there would be nothing worse than me believing the lie that I'm almost there...... -lol ahhh!
Anyways, this is my life. Be blessed, God is good!


  1. I feel for ya Nin! I remember those days well. Have you ever thought of getting some massages to help with the back just might help and usually is covered by your health insurance if you have some through work. My sister is a wonderful massage therapist working in Stoon. She has alot of experience with pregnant women and with infant massage as well. Just a thought. Hope the next weeks go by fast so you can finally get a more comfortable sleep once the baby comes. Take care and God bless!

  2. Thanks Tanya,
    Everyone has been so good with trying to give me real good suggestions in regards to my back pain. Unfortunately there really isn't anything that can be done at this point, the problem can not be fixed until after the baby is out of me. Massage therapy actually irritates the problem I have, it's just something I have to wait out. But, I'm definately looking forward to lots of massages after baby!! And yes we're covered praise God, so I'll be in there everyday! -lol

  3. I hated the discomfort of being pregnant. Just think pretty soon you'll be gazing at your newborn baby!!
    Hope you have a great day!

  4. The good news is you'll be done soon. September is right around the corner! You can do it! (Easy for me to say, right?)

    The bad news is she/he will have you sleepless plenty of nights even after being born. If so, you might be interested in the (literally) best parenting tip my wife and I ever received. You can read about it in The Five-Minute Drill. It might save you hours of sleep some night - it certainly did for us.

  5. It's amazing how your view of a little child's thoughts and heart can completly change how you raise them. I read andrew's article and read how he put his own view of his perception of what he thought his baby was thinking. and how much different I view a little child's heart and deal with them differently.

    But for the most part that was a good post. Cause it tied in both "i'm the boss" with "i love you"
    which of course, I'm always for the two together.

    as far as the back pain. I really feel for you. You are right that the last trimester has it's own challenges with being big and not getting a good sleep and such, but to add your sharp pains and contsant throbbing, I just pray grace for you.
    Hopefully, with your next one, your hip flexors will be all in shape for carrying again.

    It really is the home stretch for you. with only 7 and a half weeks to go, everyday feels like forever, but it goes fast. Befroe you know it you'll be at your due date! I better charge up the video cam....cause we're gonna make a movie!!!

  6. Anonymous9:23 PM

    LOL - I'm right there with you girl! I should give you my phone number, and you could call me when you are up at night! It does scare me that the aches and pains I have now are likely to get worse, but it's all worth it... right? My hubby doesn't even try to sleep with me anymore. I toss and turn, and have restless legs, and then I keep searching out the bed for the "cold" spot.

    Back pain, ya, I've had it since day 1 also. However, I found some relief just this week - and for a mere $32! I bought a maternity support belt from Thyme. It is basically like a big elastic belt that goes around your back and velcros in the front under your belly. I put in on for 2 minutes in the store, and I was sold. Finally some BACK relief! I wear it throughout the day on and off, and it has really helped. It also helps for those pulling side ligaments.

    I'm totally jealous that you have just 7-8 weeks left. People do say some really silly things, but I'm still basking in the limelight of pregnancy. Once that baby comes I'll basically be invisible, so I'll take all the attention I can get - even when I get the same line too "you have SO far to go yet". Ya, no @$#%. (Excuse the language).

    Anyway, God bless you as you are on your home stretch. No pun intended about the stretching. I wouldn't even joke about that.