Tuesday, August 22, 2006

So thankful for my hubby.....

I've been inspired by my sis to broadcast how amazing my hubby is, so here I go....

As many of you know, I am 35 weeks pregnant, and we're moving in one more sleep into our first home. People keep telling me that I'd better be taking it easy, and that I shouldn't be working too hard with this move. It's such a good reminder everytime I hear this, of how hard my hubby has been working to make it all easy on me. He's set up an amazingly organized packing system, so that when I'm at home ready to unpack, I won't have to search through any boxes to find something. He hasn't allowed me to lift a finger in regards to packing anything. All I've had to do is supervise, and let him know what he can throw out and what to pack. Everything is basically done, and he's done it all by himself! (minus the day that my brother-in-law and sis came to help us out, thank you so much!!) He works day and night, and has still managed to pack up our whole apartment, and keep his pregnant wife feeling loved and secure, babied and pampered. By the grace of God he's proven himself to be the most amazing husband I could ever ask for. His qualities are something to be admired, his hard work something that I look up to. It has been such a blessing to walk this out with him, and to have his blessing to take it easy on the sidelines. I can remember the day that I let go of the control of this move, and gave it over to my hubby, since that day the peace of God that passes all understanding has been filling me. It has been that peace that has brought us to the day before our move. We pray that His peace continues to be in the center of our hearts, as we watch the real work begin!



  1. Sounds like a keeper!! (obviously!)
    Good luck on your move!!! Remember to take lots of pictures!!

  2. you know what stands out in this testimony is how you GAVE UP this move. you gave it away, releasing the burden. Today I have been meditating on this truth that we are called to let go and let god. It really is an action and our lives will show fruit of a submitted life.
    You are breezing through this, not becuase you are spoiled, not becuase you are singled out by God or favored, but becuase you have casted your cares on him and He in return has given you His yoke which is easy and light.
    The joy of the freedom in Christ, only one can know if He has truly experienced laying down their lives.
    Thank you so much for being an example to so many and testifying to God's faithfulness. He takes care of you. Every time you blog, it is evident....but I know that there is a submission behind the your peace.

    Blessings, love you,
    see you soon....neighbour!!!

  3. oh yeah....and good on Chris!

    He really is a work...that man of yours. I'm honored to be able to have participated in his "labelling system" while packing.

    For other's information:
    Chris only allowed me to write in RED, not blue, not green...RED
    Everything in a box HAD to be written in a binder. THe box was numbered and the corresponding page was to match the corresponding box.
    You could only write in the TOP RIGHT HAND CORNER of the box, not the middle, not the left....
    EVERY SIDE of the box was to be labelled....
    Needless to say, Chris is gifted in organization and adminstration.
    I am mocking him alittle here, but in fun, he is a piece of work and is the perfect match for my sis! I couldn't have asked for a better pick for her....AND I"M A PICKY SISTER WHEN IT COMES TO THIS! Chris, thanks for taking such good care of her and haveing the freedom of being you through this move! She is now embracing how God made you and your marriage is truly a testimony to how God can make 2 people 1!!!