Wednesday, July 19, 2006

There is a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path...

Wise words...
It's always neat to get a big dose of solid biblical truth from a multi-million dollar blockbuster hit movie. I'm sure it puts a smile on God's face when He watches many walk away from a Hollywood film more in tune to His heart without even knowing it.
I've been pondering on this truth the last little bit. I've been feeling a little off balance in my relationships lately. Back around Christmas time, God led me and my husband into a season of rest. He directed us to remove many of the things on our plates at the time, and concentrate a lot more on our marriage and family. In this time we've grown closer together than we ever have before, and have been very blessed to see the Spirit of God move in different areas of our lives, sometimes in ways we least suspected. Through it all, we've grown closer to Him.
These days, God is making it loud and clear that our season of rest is coming very quickly to an end, and that it's time to move forward, whatever that may look like. In stepping back, we not only stepped back from the busyness and chaos of everything, but also the importance of getting together with others in the body of Christ. I believe that we walked this out as God has led us to, and that He's using this to teach us about balance. In the relationships we've kept in contact with, we've found we've been starting to leave feeling a little drained. At first I thought nothing of it, and knew that there were specific relationships that God has placed in my life right now that have high needs, and that I need to seed into. After a while, we found ourselves constantly helping others in the areas they need help in that both of us started asking the questions, where are we at? What do we need to change? Where do we need encouragement? What is wrong in our marriage or walk with God that God needs to convict us in? We looked around, and suddenly realized that we've not put anyone in a place to speak correction into our lives. As we've been seeding into others, no one has been seeding into us, and in the end, we've found ourselves mal-nourished, and unbalanced.
I love how God has a balanced plan for every area of our lives, and when we fall outside of that balance, we feel a lack inside our spirits, telling us that we're low in fuel somewhere. When we walk in obedience to God's will for our lives, we're ready, willing and quick to refuel when needed. Ironically, I've been finding myself excited for someone older and wiser to come along and tell me what to change and where to grow. I'm actually craving correction! God has placed a few people in our hearts to start walking with on a regular basis, and I'm very excited to see what God has in store. Some prophetic words have been spoken over us, and there are some amazing servants of the Lord who are willing to walk this road out with us. I'm so blessed that there are others who love me too much to leave me where I am, and who fear the Lord too much to watch us stay stagnant, when I know that God has big plans for us. My mind is blown every time I take a step back and look at the church family God has blessed me with. I would not be where I am today without their support and love. Don't get me wrong, I'm no super human who has no pride or ego. There definately are times when correction is the last thing I want, where I've turned away and done my own thing anyway against the wisdom of others. But I'm choosing to believe that God has now brought my heart to a place of knowing what's good for me, and knowing what's not. Doesn't mean I'll always make the right choice, doesn't mean I'll always receive correction with a smile.
There is a difference between knowing the path, and walking the path. I could sit here and not grow, and no one would know. I could fake my walk, and pretend that I'm mature in all the areas I need to be. I could very easily remain stagnant, idle, lazy. I can seem and feel "holy" when no one else is around to frustrate my preferences. I can fool myself into thinking that I'm mature when there is no one around to challenge me. But isolation like this breeds nothing but deceitfulness. I want others to challenge me, to teach me and mold me. I do not want to live a lie, that everyone needs to change but me. I know I will grow faster and stronger when I have someone wiser to learn from and be accountable to.
I'm really looking forward to embarking on this new season with God and my husband. I hope and pray that we keep our focus on Him and His plan, and walk accordingly and obediently. I've been so encouraged by all those who God has placed in my life to seed into. I've been so blessed to watch them grow and serve God in new ways, to pick up their cross and keep walking. I've come to learn that growth can not take place without sacrifice, and to be able to watch someone walk in sacrifice to their King, is and has been an amazing privelledge. God is good.......all the time.


  1. Wow.....this is definately something I have been learning as well. It's called growing up! Maturity in Christ is a process we need to open ourselves up's an amazing process! I have been thinking of blogging something about this as well but I have been waiting so that I use the right put it beautifully!
    Blessings on your journey. May you find those people to walk alongside of you to lift you up!

  2. Definitely! I understand that craving for correction. It seems though when I look for correction I never get it, but as soon as I give up than God begins correcting. I wonder if we are to ready to be corrected if then our hearts are so pliable(able to be manipulated or moved) that nothing gets worn away because were like Jello, but if we are a little more resistant it is easier to whack off. Does that make sense, any hoo I love you and look forward to seeing you.

  3. hwy mama

    good post! you have such a way with words. so blessed and talented.

    um, so did you get my email? i sent you one yesterday and we wanna see you this weekend! k?? check your email (the chistopher...msn one)

    love ya

  4. Amen! I totally get what you are saying. And I totally agree. We've never had that in our lives...someone to guide and correct I wish we did. Maybe thats something I can pray about.

    And I agree with Camille, you have a wonderful way with words. Take care.

  5. Hey nin....i read your post and was so impressed with the maturity that is being displayed in your writing. I think back to when i was your age, and i don't remember ever being in a place where i was matre enough to realize that I actually needed people rather than just being needed...i still struggle with that principle. I want to encourage you to continue pursuing those relationships that will help you set direction through intimacy and correction.

    Hey, who's the new blogger "grace and mercy"..i can't figure that one out....i have a guess, except some things don't seem to fit.

  6. By reading your blog a little and reading the encouraging comments you leave on other peoples sites it is easy to see you are a true woman of God. It is encouraging...keep it up, you are a blessing to many!

  7. By reading your blog a little and reading the encouraging comments you leave on other peoples sites it is easy to see you are a true woman of God. It is encouraging...keep it up, you are a blessing to many!

  8. You now I was thinking, while reading your blog, dangerous. That maybe you should publish your thoughts. God has taken you so far in such a short time your testimony is amazing. You have so much depth, truth and honesty. An obvious gift from God. Just something to think about.


    P.S Blogless one its me living by faith 2

  9. my sis, you have given me a godly jealousy for the wisdom, determination for truth, and perseverance of over coming laziness. It is true, that this post is very significant for some reason. It truly marks some great maturity in you and Chris. I think about how you are buying your house next month, having a baby, and all the wonderful things that God has taught you...that you are WALKING in....and you're only 22!! Praise God! As the future unfolds, it will be a priviledge to walk close with you and watch God show off His works.
    Later, neighbour!!
    love you lots

  10. So blogless one is around again!! good to hear from you and hear your encouragement again!
    praying for you ...