Monday, March 02, 2009

My friend C

I have this friend let's call her "C"
She's always been so nice to me.
She moved away I miss her so,
I wrote this blog to let her know!

I got to spend much time with "C"
When I was big, fat and full of heat.
And when I had to sit and sing,
She'd nicely point the fan at me.

We've had countless hours of phone chats,
Where we'd pat eachother on the back.
Encouraging eachother to press through,
Trials we could both relate to.

Then came a day she moved away,
To place we'll simply call "B.K."
It's been too long since we've seen eachother,
Seems our kids graduation is when we'll see one another.

But even still, my dear friend "C"
Means an awful awful lot to me.
She's blessed me more than she even knows,
So I wrote this blog to tell her so!

P.S. My poem for "C"
Is also for "Gee"
We miss him too
And hope to see you guys soon!

Love you C!

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