Monday, March 16, 2009

My top ten sweatin' songs

My top ten workout faves!

1. Circus -Britney Spears

2. Dead and Gone -T.I.

3. Forgive Me -Group 1 Crew

4. I Love Myself Today -Bif Naked

5. If Today was your Last Day -Nickleback

6. Let's get it Started -Black Eyed Peas

7. Perfect Day -Hoku

8. Rehab -Rihanna

9. Washed by the Water -Needtobreath

10. 18 Wheeler -P!nk


  1. It's cool that you're hooked on "forgive me"....unfortunately, i totally over listened that one... :(
    I will be buying dead and gone!

    I LOVE if today was your last really gets you thinking about what's really important! I usually cry during this one too

    Good ol rehab

    And of course....being the ring leader and calling the shots, you are like a firecracker, you make it hot!!

  2. "They tell me it's just a phase, they tell me to act my age......well I am!!!"

  3. How are you doing?
    My hubby is away and I am trying to stay as busy as possible this week

  4. I'm in the race but I've already won
    gettin there can be half the fun
    So don't stop me
    till I'm good and done
    don't you try to rain on my perfect day!

  5. I'm shedding a couple of tears over your post on the other blog...thanks for your honesty, and being you, a real authentic woman!!