Thursday, February 26, 2009

My 10 Food Staples.

List 10 Food Staples in your kitchen and tell *why* they are so important, and *how* you use them....

1. Milk: My son still has warm milk at night and naptime (he may be our last so I don't care!), and my daughter has cereal every morning before school. It's the kind of staple that if we realize we're out at 11 pm, someone goes out and gets some, and by someone, I mean my hubby.

2. Fat Free Yogurt: Everyone's a big fan of this healthy snack. I pack it in daughter's lunch, hubby and I snack on it in the evening, and we usually mix in some granola with almonds and raisins.

3. Green Tea: My new best friend. Now that I'm off coffee, I drink green tea everyday with a bit of honey. I used to hate the taste, but I started liking it more and more when I'd have it at Asian restaurants. Now I love it.

4. Broccoli: Have been going through a broccoli phase and it is the greatest vegetable in the world. I don't like it raw though, has to be steamed.

5. Sanwich meat: Most likely some sort of lean turkey for me, and honey ham for daughter's lunch's, which she likes to take as is, just the meat, no bread.

6. Calorie-reduced margarine: When I did Weight Watchers, my sis explained that there were things you could just cut out completely, so that you didn't use points in places you didn't need to or would'nt miss. However, I could never get rid of margarine, I love it a ton..... hence, calorie-reduced.

7. Kraft Creamy Poppyseed calorie-wise dressing: Also going through a poppyseed dressing phase, where it is the best dressing ever, and I top it with roasted almonds.

8. Crystal Light: I used to be the only one who would drink it, since it was a bit pricier than other juices, and since I was the one watching my calories at that time. But then I realized, that's dumb, my kids don't need the sugar any more than I do! So now it's all we drink. I've been sending it in daughters lunch instead of juice boxes too.

9. Chicken: My favorite meat. If I go a while without eating it, I will actually crave it. We buy frozen chicken breasts, and will either bbq them or bake them. (Our faves are greek and honey-garlic)

10. Shrimp: My other favorite. It's so easy, so healthy, so quick, and so yummy. I can go through a bag in a few days. And I never feel bad after eating a ton, cuz they feel so light in my stomach. I make them in a frying pan with tangy thai sauce, and will mix in peppers and hot sauce.

Am seriously interested in what your staples are!!!


  1. How long have you been off of coffee? Doesn't it feel great? I've been off of it for 18 months and it was the best decision I've made. I still miss it at times, but I know that I had too big of an addiction to the stuff and it wasn't doing me any good.
    I'll have to try the poppyseed dressing.

  2. It hasn't been that long. Probably a month in the making. Will still get a headache if I don't have any tea : (
    But it does feel great! ESPECIALLY in the mornings! I don't feel like such a zombie who needs her drug before she can speak or think or function.
    I need to still up my water intake during the day.
    Way to go Jenny!!!!!! You rock!

  3. Fun post, Nin. Though, I might enjoy it more if your list didn't make me feel like my staple foods were so unhealthy by comparison, that my death was sure to be imminent. ;)

    My staples? Hmmm...

    1. Coffee
    2. Coke Zero
    3. Sausage
    4. Cheese
    5. Broccoli
    6. Brussel Sprouts
    7. Butter
    8. Salad Fixins
    9. Eggs
    10. Nuts

    Yeah...I'm gonna die.

  4. I LOVED this post! I'm totally going to do it soon!

    You got me thinking about giving the kids empty calories in their juice boxes....hmmmm, I still have yet to buy some more supplies for public school. Maybe I'll take you shopping one of these times so you can give me all your wisdom!

    As for me and my chicken, we boil it! haha, well, biol/fry it in no fat in my frying pan!!! Chicken.....yummy!

    you're STILL on your broccoli kick????how long has it been?

    Good for you for drinking green tea!

  5. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Mine are listed as a Note on Facebook.

  6. Chicken is a staple for me and PB is huge too. Lately almost every morning I have a fibre eggo waffle with pb and honey on it.

  7. That eggo sounds yummy! I'm all about trying new things for breakfast. Breakfast is still hard for me, and I'd rather not eat in the morning, so it's nice to find good things to eat that aren't jam packed in sugar.

  8. Food staples...

    1. Yogurt- I have this to get my dairy quota for the day. It has to be plain with honey whisked in.

    2. Bananas- Seriously one my fave foods. so sweet and I have a sweet tooth

    3. Spaghetti-Also one of my faves. I have it with garlic and olive oil mixed in.

    4. Peanut Butter- And it has to be the all natural stuff because the normal peanut butter has hydrogenated vegtable oil which is bad fer you.

    5. couscous- Yes it is weird. But some university students have ichiban noodles and I have this.

    6. Butter- I use it instead of margarine. It's easy to spread with a hot knife.

    7. Oil. Canola for sauteeing, olive oil for making dressing.

    8. Cheese- Ooooh yum. I buy parmesan (the actual block of cheese NOT the white powder) Marble cheese was a staple food of my childhood. I like to buy brie when I have extra money lying around.