Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Family Feud.

Family Feud.

I love this game, I rock at it. Everytime my hubby and I play together on the computer I kick his butt.
I was watching it the other day, and this was the survery.
Top 5 answers... Name something wives say to their husbands over and over.
My very first answer before they even buzzed in was "I love you". It had to be right? And it was! But guess what?
It TIED for first with "Take out the trash."
Here were the other answers...
Do more chores/clean up
Put the toilet seat down
Listen to me!

This really made me sad, and sick, to think that the top things wives say to their husbands over and over are commands, and I love you, was a tie with something as stupid as take out the trash.

Here's what I think the top 5 answers SHOULD have been.

#1 I love you
#2 How was your day?
#3 You're so handsome/hey good-lookin'!
#4 What can I do for you today?
#5 THANK YOU for all you do!

What are some other answers that should've been on here?


  1. Anonymous11:57 AM

    #6 You are a great husband/daddy!

  2. I agree with Heather.
    I love that game too.
    I appreciated your email with the family pick. I plan on emailing you a long email about what I am learning these days.

  3. well said....very sad, but well said.

  4. This has been heard around my house lately, "If you pour cold water over my head again while I am in the shower, you will regret it!" And then laughter as my husband pours cold water over my head, while I am in the shower.

    There is also "I love you my husband" and "Yep, he's all mine" sometimes in sarcasim and sometimes with pride.

    And there is always, "no you take the dogs out".

    A little take on the lives of Jessie and Alex

  5. I like it! See you soon:)