Monday, September 29, 2008

Update in point form

-thoroughly enjoyed his birthday bash. Made us very proud parents with his good manners and cute social skills.
-is a snotty mess with a cold.
-new words include "mine", "no", and my personal favorite "Walmart".
-has a personality type that needs and desires boundaries and structure. Am blessed that I'm able to stay home and give that to him.

Precious daughter:
-leaves in 3 sleeps to Hawaii!
-is going to be gone for 16 days, the longest she's ever been away, and obviously, the farthest.
-finally lost the tooth that was hanging by a thread, or as Ren & Stimpy might put it, a nerve ending.
-is trading Pokemon cards at school today.
-is now taking voice lessons every Thursday. I'm so excited to see her gifting grow and mature, as it's obvious she was born to sing.

-starting to FREAK OUT about daughter leaving!
-trying to focus on being excited about my shopping trip to Edmonton to get me through these next couple days.
-questioning many things, but am learning...
-recently learned that I have excema, and believe the breakouts I've had were caused by stress. Have broken out again...
-ran with my sis last night, and it was AWESOME! I left my body as wind on the last sprint, and felt like I could run forever (until I stopped of course, and the burning heat in my face set in)

-still makes me laugh everyday.
-may be entering into new territory in his business, praying that God continues to lead us.
-is pouring into his family, loves them so much, encourages me to love deeper and see greater.
-always gets ripped off on these point form updates, because all I can ever think of to say is how awesome he is.
-is awesome.

-is never ending.
-is loving, patient, merciful.
-loves me in my weaknesses, gently pushes me to greater heights, sees all that I could, sees the finished product, knows where I'm at, and loves me the same.
-forgives me, over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over....
-asks that I do the same.


  1. hahaha walmart... lol totally your son

  2. I love this update. I have missed emails and phone chats so this is good to see where you are at a bit. I love it that Daniel is saying Walmart. How cute!
    Sorry you are feeling stressed and questioning some things. I'll pray for you.
    Glad you figured out what the rash was all about though and that it isn't something more serious like you thought at first.
    It's hard to surrender up out kids into God's hands but recently I've been reminded that Isaiah was a gift God gave me in the first place to raise and yet He's ultimatley God's and not mine.
    Love ya!

  3. Anonymous6:13 PM

    Thinking of you as your daughter flies over the ocean today...

  4. I just stopped in through a local search and have to say I love this point form catch up. I agree with you about God and his forgiving over and over and over......that is me!!
    I hope you survive while your girl is gone, that would be tough but a trip to Edmonton sounds like fun. We lived there for 7 years and boy do I miss the shopping!!