Saturday, October 11, 2008

Big picture post

Missing my girl....
Only 6 more sleeps till she comes home!!

Her and I at the Peter Pan ballet for our last night together.

The poddling.
Anyone who knows what that is gets a prize.

Doing the dishes.

Onto the road-trip!......
(my appologies to my Fakebook friends who have checked out these pics already. Oops, did I say Fakebook? I mean FACEbook.)

And we're off!

Our only mishap on the way there.

Yes, the mirror came off, and yes, we finally got it back on.

West Ed Mall awaits us!

Nicole: "You didn't tell me this went upside down!! I'm scared!"
Me: "Don't worry, no one's died on this for a long time."

So how was it?
Nicole: "I don't know, my eyes were closed."

So how was it?
Me: "Rock on dude! Let's go again!"

Where's the party?

My poor poor shopped out feet....
And no I don't have a pinky toenail.


Another day of shopping here we come.

A statement I can stand on.

I already want to go back..... oh Ikea, how I love thee, let me count the ways...

Auntie Leanne....

and Uncle Gord. My two faves.


The bush chair.

The freak of the week.

The new walk.

Enough pictures already!!


Home awaits us..... a bittersweet road.


  1. Looks like you had fun! Yeah for having fun!

  2. That looks like an awesome trip you guys had!! Looks like it will be remembered for a long time to come. I can't WAIT for the mind bender! What the heck is the story of the freak of the week??? you look halarious! And it looks like nicole is taken a crap on that bush!

    You in the bathroom being a hommie is funny. And how'd the mirror come off??? LOL At first, I'm staring at this funny looking thing wondering what the heck it is.....and then I saw the mirror....

    Daniel doing the dishes? doesn't there have to be dishes in the sink first??? He totally looks like you there. in those two pics, it brings my back to when you were my little sis....

    My little poddling. Man is she ever cute in that pic! This is why her essense is so vitally important! "ESSENCE! DRINK HER ESSENCE!!!!...."
    (Another hint if anyone doesn't get the poddling part)

    thanks for your words. I know why you are being called to be silent. God is at work.