Sunday, October 26, 2008

A catch-up picture post

Gasp! Baby!!!

Mommy's shampoo and conditioner all over the floor...

and all over baby....
My little princess came home to us on Friday evening! I was so happy! We hugged and hugged and hugged and hugged. She was so brown! She hadn't slept for basically two days, but in the excitement of finally being home she found a reserve of energy, alot of energy. It was wonderful.

She bought us all presents! This is my new shirt, I was so blessed that I cried. She got me a little container of sand from the beach, shirts for Daniel and Chris, magnets, toys, and a necklace. She found a coral in the ocean and put it in her fishtank. I can't wait to get pictures from her other parents, to see all her Hawaian adventures.

My little jet-lagged girl slept until 1pm! She was shocked and giggly to hear she slept through breakfast and lunch! She woke up just in time for her Welcome Home party!
We had Hawaian music playing the background,

and a "pin the Jonah on the island" game.

It was a hit, espeically when Jonah ended up in the tree or the sun.

It stopped raining just in time for us to go outside and hit the Flip-Flop pinyata!

Noah the strongest....

and Isaiah the giggliest.

Us out for my birthday/Jonah's welcome home supper. Color contrast much?

Daddy and Repunzel, who also joined us at supper.

We went to Ruckers after supper and all got addicted to Deal or No Deal.

The Crime....

The gettaway....

Caught, green-handed.

Good morning sleepy-head! I was so anxious to see her again that I finally woke her at 11.

The 'Fro.

Back to school already!

The statue.

The new hanging chair from my trip to Ikea!

My son's new fave.


  1. is that the color of his room now????
    Super cool pics. laughed at the statue pic.
    remembering the flip flop pinyata....

    how isaiah scarfed 4 or 5 chocolate bars....
    Daniel's fro is awesome!
    your commentary on the pan's marker incident
    did you get your new idea rug clean after the conditioner?

  2. Yeah for a new post. Your daughter is brown. I used to be like that when I was a kid. I tanned so nicely.
    The party looked like fun.
    Yeah for Deal or no Deal. We take out spare change to the place nearby us to play that game.