Saturday, September 20, 2008

Daniel Paniel Waniel, a monkey trapped within a boy

-1 Month
Impatiently waiting.
Not knowing if it was a boy or a girl, but knowing our lives were going to completely change.
0 Months
"it's a boy!! it's a boy!! it's a boy!!" were the first words my husband screamed, as he witnessed the birth of his first born.

1 Month
This was when he broke out in his baby acne, a taste of whats to come I'm sure.

2 Months
Our first photo shoot. I took so many pictures this night. Good thing his vision is still intact from all the flashes.

3 Months
So proud of our little God-chaser, praying already.

4 Months
This was when he got really chubby and incredibly solid.
Was no longer nervous at all to see my daughter or my sister kids handle him, I knew he could hold his own.

5 Months
He used to sit in this chair and play forever.
Try getting his to sit still now.

6 Months
First time he said "dadadadadadada"
Who'd would've thought we'd still be waiting for him to speak.

7 Months
His baby dedication, all dressed up.

8 Months
Food all over, the beginning of a normal event in our home.

9 Months
First time pulling up in his crib, such a proud little man.

10 Months
Again with the food, his passion, his joy.

11 Months
New shoes.

12 Months
Trying on his way-too-big rubber boots.
The beginning of a new obsession with shoes (just like his mommy)

13 Months

14 Months
Christmas stickers are fun!

15 Months
I so miss these slippers! They were so cute!

16 Months
Now there's the mischeveous look I've come to know and love!

17 Months
At Faith's birthday party.
"I wandered around the whole time scamming food from various tables and plates."
18 Months
Very first comb-over.
"Get it out of your system mom, soon I'll be old enough to know comb-overs are for geeks and nerds."

19 Months
Very first all-terrain-vehicle.

20 Months
Plane? Bird? Nope...
It's Super Man! (with a soggy diaper)

21 Months
New sandbox!

22 Months
First mohawk, with love from daddy.

23 Months
"I love my cars!!"

2 Years,
24 Months,
104 Weeks,
730 Days
to my micheveous, spunky, energenic, off-the wall, cute, bestest, curious, smart, funny, hillarious, entertaining, trusting, serious, expressionless, boyish, animated, bouncy, beautiful, quirky, copy-cat, barrel of monkeys, stinker, goofy, weird, independant, amazing, enjoyable, blessing....
Mr. Daniel Paniel Waniel.
Join us in saying Happy Birthday
(one day late *blush*)


  1. That post was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! wow, every months for 24 months! Has he ever grown and changed. he's been such a joy to watch. I LOVE HIM SO much!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Happy Birthday Mr. Daniel Paniel Waniel!!! You have been prayed over with love, from us. :)

  3. Happy Birthday Daniel!
    Ah the baby achne. I remember feeling so bad that Isaiah had it for a month. He looked like such a different boy with it.
    When you look at your prego pics do you miss your belly at all??

  4. Happy Birthday Daniel!!
    Wow..I can't believe he's 2 already!(if I can't...can't imagine you can!!LOL)...Nin, I remember you being pregnant with him...and reading the updates.
    It's been fun getting to "know" you and your family!
    Big hugs to your little guy on his 2nd birthday!

  5. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes! I'll be sure to post the fun pics of his birthday party on Saturday.
    Rebekah, pregnant bellies are cute, but I definately don't miss it. I know....I'm weird.

  6. Nin...finally a girl after my own heart...I didn't like being pregnant at all. Of course I liked the outcome but the whole pregnancy thing wasn't for me.

  7. happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mr. daniel paniel waniel! I can't believe how fast time has gone by. He's such a blessing... :)

  8. hard to believe he's that old already! Happy Birthday man

  9. This is probably my most favorite post of your to-date!

    Precious and very funny!