Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it

My not-so-little-anymore girl is still loving school. She took her play cell phone to school today, saying that she would talk on it at recess. Apparently she took so long getting ready this morning because Isaiah and Auntie Sarah kept texting her on it.

The beginning of a new hobbie, my hubby and I embarked on making our own wine!

Our very first newborn bottle.

The finished product.

Hehe! We cracked open the precious first bottle to see what we had just created. Of course it tasted very 'young', but it was neat that it was ours.

Baby helping dada mow the lawn..

Was cold at the family potluck, so I put on Isaiah's coat to prove to my sis that it wouldn't fit.
It did.

My AWESOME cousin Robin. His future wife and kids are going to be very blessed someday.

And last but not least,
Farmer Cleedus.
Come'on Cleedus, Come'on!

It's crisis after crisis over here, but God is still VERY good. I love how He draws us so near to Him in times like these, I'm blessed to know the Heavenly Father who loves and comforts.
In other news, my girlfriend and I are road-tripping to Edmonton in October! We are both super duper excited! It'll be weird being without Chris. I've never gone anywhere without him before. I've never even driven on the highway before! Luckily we'll be using a GPS, because we are known for getting lost and flustered. Like the time my mother-in-law asked me to pick up her dogs from a kennel just outside of Martensville, and we got lost (after I drove the car into a ditch and needed a bunch of men to stop and help me out). Or like a bunch of other times, that will just remain unmentioned.
As for me, I am totally addicted to Facebook, and totally ashamed to admit that. I still refuse to jump on the banwagon of adding a bunch of highschool people that you NEVER talk to, just so that I can say I have 300 friends. Sorry, but I do have some pride. Well ok, I have alot... too much, OK OK! I'm full of myself! There! Now I must get back to my Facebook.


  1. I love the video. That's just a hint of what is to come for me too, isn't it! Thanks for the fun pictures.

  2. i just want you to know i love you, and i'm always here to chat. you're such a great friend and encouragement to me. THANK you!!

  3. Hey girlie, How did the wednesday meeting go?

    Call me or e-mail me.

  4. I wish you were going to Edmonton in March, I'm heading down for spring break.
    Scott and I used to make wine, I think we are going to make some soon. I love it! Especially the finished product!LOL

  5. I love the video and how happy your son is.

  6. You are such a good sister. I am so glad Sarah has you as her sister right now.

  7. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Love the video, your little guy is growing so fast!
    My hubby makes wine too...I love it!
    Have a great trip to Edmonton!

  8. what a fun post! so glad that you guys are holding up with all these family crisis's! God has given your family special gifts and you use them. so thankful that chris came and cut the grass yesterday!

    your wine was yummy! that pan! jumping on the bed....he's such a riot! no matter how down i am, he always makes me smile. i love the way he looks when the clip is over. he just has this impy look....

    am I still texting jonah?
    that was crazy that my 7 year old's coat fit you and you could do it up! you actually look kinda good in it, other than the super short sleeves!

    YEAH to you going to edmonton! Ride that coaster for me!!!

    love you so much, thanks for everything.