Tuesday, July 08, 2008

this post took way too long

Friday the D's M's and W's gathered for one last BBQ before my aunt and uncle move and embark on the condo-life. I shed a couple of tears..... *sniff* Bye house!

My Auntie Laurie...
I aspire to be as good a host as her, she is amazing

Precious Dr. Holly...
who loves me despite my rotten tooth, and joined me and my sis at my place for a sushi making party yesterday! My sis and I were only able to have one wasabi showdown, before the weirdness of the sushi took over my sis's judgement.

Classic Father figure...

The amazing caramel-apple pie my sis and I should not have shared...
(both got bloated and gassy.... too much info? Too bad it's my blog)

The cousins...

The sisters....

Uncle Denis working hard at the grill....
Supper was awesome

My cousin of many unusual talents...
Unicylcing, juggling, juggling things on fire, pro dancing... An all-around very neat guy


Spending lots of time outside and lovin it. Looking forward to my raspberries!

they still look like little droplets of poop, but....
soon and very soon I said soon and very soon!
soon and very soon, we are going to see the King!
(anyone who knows this song gets a prize)
(Sarah you don't count)

A miraculous toy God gave me to play with.
How people can leave their hair the same all the time is beyond me.

Fun at Kinsmen Park

Baby's first boat ride with Grandpa and Daddy!

My son:
Still isn't talking...... at all. Not worried, although it would be nice to hear him speak. He said "YO" today, does this count as a word? Maybe all this time we've been giving him nerd words, maybe he really only speaks "hommie".

My daughter:
Is away at day camp this week with her cousin Isaiah. Today was her first day and she came home with tons to share. She's loving it and is looking forward to the rest of the activities planned for this week.

My hubby:

So done with this post.


  1. Maybe he only speaks "hommie"...I love it!

    And your rasberries looking like droplets of poop...you crack me up Nin!!!

    I hope you're having a great summer...it sure looks like you are.

    I see those pics of Kinsmen park and it makes me long for "home" so much...oh well! Enjoy the sun for me and all the other perks of living in the best city in the world!!

  2. Oh how I miss raspberries. Can you save some for me?
    Loved the post and pics.
    Your son will talk when he wants to. I wouldn't be worried.
    Be blessed my friend.

  3. Anonymous1:56 PM

    hey I know that song...I loved all the pictures! You guys always look like you are having a ton of fun!

  4. right off the bat.....that pic of paniel on the boat is THE BESTEST BESTEST PICTURE IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you should seriously submit that pic to today's parent or kodak or something like that!!! I would bet 100$ that someone would print that!!!!! Go for it!

    LOL to 'hims' speaking 'hommie' Faith was teaching him to say "WASSUP" yesterday!

  5. that pic of you and I in the garden is kinda nice.....except Elishah's bum is sticking right out!!!!! It's like this super "nice pic" and then, there's a bum.....

    you are way better as a blonde...and yes, thank you Lord for the coolest toy called hair!

    that sushi was definitly weird! Gald there are those in the world that like it!

  6. oh yeah.....crystal.....who sings it and what's the song called?

  7. love love love love the hair!! ive considered going back to blond for summer! but it looks way better on you! :)
    OH - and they sell chocolate skittles at Mac's!

  8. Wow love the pictures. Baby boy looks like a boat pro, and your daughter looks filled with the spirit of pure excitement. What a joy to celebrate thanks for sharing. I found your link on Care Bears blog....hope you don't mind I dropped in.

  9. I know the song! I do, I do....what's my prize?