Monday, April 28, 2008


My loving and serving husband put his action/blow-up/shooting/killing/car racing desires aside and rented me a chick flick on Saturday.
I cried, mostly because it took me right back to that time in my life, where I too was pregnant at 16, and going through the adoption process for my baby, but also because it's good to remember where we've been, because it's made us who we are.
It's crazy to think that I walked down the halls of highschool, with a baby popping out of my belly, seeing all the the stares from other girls, who were the very same age, but somehow, were now way younger than me.
I gave birth to a baby just 2 months after my 17th birthday. Looking at my life now, it's so easy to forget, to see a mother of two, a housewife who keeps her house clean, a leader in her church, someone with a house, two cars, a good man... Forgetting the muck and mire I once found myself in, the pit I thought I'd never climb my way out of.
I want to remember where I've been today. Remembering all that He has done in my life, all that He has saved me from.
I see all that when I look at her.


  1. WOW, It really IS hard to believe. Where we came from. The family we came from. Where you came from. I remember you when we lived on Bowman. Who you were, how you talked, how you dressed, the music you used to listen to. The way you treated people.....

    The healing that God has done in your heart....You were so wounded, so hurt and angry. You had it all stuffed inside.....
    The miracle came by little bits. Some by BIG BRICKS! Liek that time you broke all the blood vessels in your face!
    You are a testimony to me of how you ALLOW GOD TO WORK IN YOUR HEART. through the fear, through the pain, through the failures.....

    Today, I will join with you and be grateful for the hand of God.

    Psalm 2:8 God is the only one that saves.
    May we truly rememeber the mercy, the grace and the unconditional love. That's why we've come so far.
    Love you tons. Jonah, truly is a miracle child. Her story and testimony glorifies God and will do many great things.....She is precious

  2. you are a testemant to the faithfulness of God...that He never stops moving, changing us, growing us. i love it. and that beautiful miracle will be so proud to be your daughter as she grows up & realizes what you have done for her & been through for her.

  3. What a sweet post...what an awesome testimony of where God has brought you from...what a good movie too!!

    Your daughter is gorgeous...just like her mommy!!

  4. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Can't type, eyes are blurry with tears... ah, hormones. Love ya!

  5. I felt a lot of the same emotion when I watched Juno, although I can't relate to the High School part, I had Taylor just shy of my 19th birthday...I went through a lot of the same things as far as adoption, etc, and you're right; it can be very easy sometimes to forget where we came from, but THANK YOU JESUS for where we are now!!!! Come by my blog if you get the chance, I tagged u there!!!

  6. Amazing post Nin!! I love seeing where God has brought you!

    Your daughter is a testament of the goodness of God!!

  7. What an amazing post Nin!! I watched Juno and cried my eyes out as well. Even though I was older(25)when I got pregnant with my oldest son, it still was a shock for me!!
    Isn't it wonderful to reflect on the past and see the leaps and bounds we have made!
    You're an inspiration.