Friday, April 04, 2008


Our toilet:

Is now in our backyard. Turns out the mystery toy was a plastic wrench, a nice long unbendable stick that my hubby was unable to retreive after taking the toilet off the floor. Thank the Lord my mother-in-law had a toilet just sitting around, that we were able to grab and install (if that's not a coincidental blessing I don't know what is, God's awesome). So all is now back to normal, after the few trips to my parents place with use their can, and the pee my poor daughter had to have in the tub. And such is life. I called my parents last night to grab a phone number from them and my dad answered saying "you have to go again?!" Apparently I'm full of it.

My son:

Now owes me a phone, some sticks, a toilet, and part of my sanity.

My daugther:

Fell at school yesterday into a pile of woodchips. Adding to her embarassment of peeing in the bathtub, is a banged up face and a bruised eyebrow.

My husband:

Is being blamed for having some kind of toxin in his sperm, a mischeveous chromozone and trouble-making genetics. He keeps trying to tell me that my son is half me, but I refuse to believe I played any part in this.

Our Strawberry Shortcake Dvd:

Is now at the library, and the one belonging to the library is here. Nice.


  1. that's not all he's going to owe you when it's all said and done!!!!

    and daniel's lips....everyone knows who's lips he has!

  2. I often like to tell Trev that Isaiah is his kid but the reality is he's both of ours and that means his energy is from the both of us! Don't know how that can be but it's true.

    Do you play guitar?

  3. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Such a cute post! So glad that you are back up an "running" again. :o))