Monday, April 21, 2008

Sick, and mad at the weather.
I was enjoying running outside soooooo much! I was wearing flip flops and capris for pete's sake! And now I have a stinkin head cold, which sucks bum. Plus, me and my sis worked the poop out of our abs the day before I started coughing, so everytime I cough, OWweeeee! Grr'ness.

New fave things are looking at books and untuning my guitar strings till they're all loose and hangy. He also loves throwing various toys in my morning coffee. This morning he chucked a velcro baseball in my fruit smoothie. In my sick state, I frowned at him.

Constant beauty.
Always a reminder that God is good all the time. She was so sad when we told her she had to wear her winter coat, mitts and gasp! her touque this morning. Poor girl was enjoying her new pink jump rope outside, as well as mingling in the street to trade Littlest Pet Shop cards. (the new thing)

Always a rock.
Scraped the inch thick layer of ice off the car for 30 minutes this morning, and offered to pick up daughter so I could stay home sick. Brushed my hair till I fell asleep last night. Encourages and gently pushes me in my walk towards being selfless, never makes me feel like a freak for thinking awful thoughts. I love him.


  1. I love how you summed up the loves of your life!.....
    I was watching you, me and dupree a bit last night and at the end, when he's giving his "pep talk"
    "what's -ness?'s your name, plus -ness.....sir, what's your name? Carl? NO! it's CarlNESS!"

    Son....stinker....very good description! Him standing on th tallest peak of his tallest toy, looking out the window today....such a pano.....I mean pan....

    That's so cute about trading LPS cards! When I saw her the other day with all her cards....IN ORDER of course....such a ponah! Loved having her over that night!

    Chris....yeah, even when I have to take his car, his SECOND CAR, cause the first one's dash was broken by someone and the engine was blown out by someone else! Him just standing in the window as I drove his car away....I was very very grateful!

    And you, sick... grrr-ness is right.

  2. Sorry you are sick. Hope you feel better real soon

  3. awww
    you're the bestest
    and go check out my blog hee hee (mischevious laugh)

  4. Awww I hope you are feeling better soon! Thank you so much for sharing that you were thinking of my song...that is so special to me, so Glad God uses it in spite of me!