Monday, March 17, 2008

Our stairway to heaven.....I mean boiler room.

Sunday afternoon....
huffing, puffing....
spontaneous combustion
My sis and I thought it would be an AWESOME idea to pick a building downtown, and conquer it by walking/jogging up all it's stairs. The building that kept sticking out to us was the Radisson. So we pulled up, parked, giggled all the way in, and walked into the bathroom. As we stretched, and giggled, and stretched, the butterflies in our stomachs grew with anticipation of what was to come. We were so pumped!
We found the stairwell, and off we went. We figured we'd walk the first few flights for a warm up, but wouldn't you know, we were huffing and puffing by the 5th floor! and there were 20 flights in total! We figured it wasn't going to get any easier, so we started our jog. Jogging one flight, walking one flight. We did this all the way to the top, when on the last flight, I felt like my legs had run right off my body, and my torso was floating in the air! What a rush!
We elevatored it back down, stretched and giggled some more, and off we went AGAIN, jogging one flight, walking one flight. At about the last 5 or 6 flights we were WIPED, and had to walk the rest of the way, until the very last flight where we gave it our all, and then I spontaneously combusted.
The drive home was fun, since my sis's leg was involuntarily tremoring. We thanked the Lord we didn't take the standard.
Us: 1
Radisson: 0


  1. That is amazing!!!

  2. You guys are totally inspiring!

  3. Haha...I love it...there aren't any buildings out here with that many flights of stairs...I think the most is five flights...another reason to miss a bigger city (I could come up with a million reasons, even sillier than that!!)

    Way to go...keep it up!!

  4. LOL! You two are crazy! :)

  5. I love how close you two are. I love how much fun you two have together and how real you two are with others and yourselves.
    I also love stories of Daniel because some how it makes me feel good to know that there are other boys out there who are being little boys!

  6. I'm just giggling now, thinking of how fun that was, and excited for the next time we go for it!


    "Senka, you dead?"
    My calves are worse today than yesterday! How are yours?

  7. You two are hilarious. stinking funny and totally inspiring. Well you can find me on Cardiology for a heart transplant:)

  8. Good stuerts of your bodies!