Saturday, March 29, 2008

Bits and Pieces of the real me

I read a post tonight from someone who was desperately crying out for people to be REAL.

And I agree,
so here's a very small piece of the real me....

What I REALLY find in coffee cups that have been left behind and forgotten

What I REALLY look like in the morning

The man I REALLY married

What my son REALLY thinks of my rules

-I don't put away my clean laundry
I fold it and put it neatly in a basket, only to end up throwing clean and dirty laundry on top, only to find that I no longer know what's clean and what's dirty, only to wash it again, and start the whole cycle all over again
-I watch and am addicted to Degrassi TNG
-I've fallen asleep in church
-I still think about smoking from time to time
-I don't kiss my husband enough
-We don't recycle


  1. Anonymous7:32 AM

    Oh Nin! I think we all wrestle with being real from time to time! I loved the pictures!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Falling asleep in think we've all done it. I know I have.

    And my husband says you're still cute even first thing in the morning.

  3. It would be so awesome to actually meet you guys in person, I think that Jonah and Taylor would LOVE to play together!!!

  4. That was an awesome post!!
    I always think you're the real deal!!
    I've done the same thing with the laundry, more than once!! Today is the first day I've actually done and put the laundry away the same day!! Aren't I on top of things??LOL

  5. very very cool! This is awesome!! To be honest, I've been feeling nudged to share this same stuff. Thanks jenny for starting this! Very much appresciated!!! love love this post.

    People respond, relate, and are encouraged more by realness and humility, than by making it "look good".

    love you so much, this world bombards us with making is a race, a competition, and a game of's so damaging, and breaks relationship.

    May we be filled with showing Christ and not ourselves.....

  6. I love Degrassi too. I grew up watching it.
    I don't recycle either.
    Thanks for being real. Thanks for being you.

  7. Awesome! I loved this post. I have the exact same problem with laundry and it drives my husband crazy. As for recycling, I didn't until about 4 months ago when we moved to the country, we don't get garbage pickup and have to burn it so, I recycle tin cans, but that is it! lol....
    I have gone private, if you want an invite email me at