Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bare Blog...

Things over here....

~Caleb's one year anniverssary since his passing was on Saturday.
~My mom's health has gotten worse, and we're all pressing through feelings of helplessness and doubt. Learning a new way of leaning on Him.
~My hubby and I have been leading our very first Life Group! It has been such a learning and growing experience aleady, and I'm sure we'll continue to be stretched in ways we never thought. We've been blessed with an amazing group of people who make us feel safe and loved.
~I'm struggling to get back on track with eating and excersize, and it seems to be an unhill battle. I made it so far, and walked all the way back to where I started. My sis and I ran the other night, and could only run 6 lamposts (we were up to 35) . Sigh....
...and such is life....
But God is good


  1. a year goes by in a moment. wow.
    Nin - i'll keep praying for you. your family is such a testimony, and I know that He won't leave your side, and He will continue to be faithful to you! :)

  2. hey sis
    i am really sad to hear about your mom. i thought i might have seen her on sunday at church...? but maybe not. it makes my heart heavy to hear it. we love you girls and are praying for you.

    p.s. don't be too hard on yourself re: exercise. you look awesome in my eyes!!

  3. I'm glad to hear about you and your husband leading a small group. May God bless your efforts as you develop your personal relationship with Him and you help others on that journey.
    In Christian love

  4. Sorry to hear about your mom. I pray you will sense God's nearness as you spend time with your mom.