Monday, October 01, 2007

Pressing on...

I am such an analizer. I analize things to death. I analize myself to death. I analize situations before they even happen, just so that I'm prepared, for ANY possible senario, just in case.
So, the other weekend something came up, a problem with a non-christian couple who are a big part of our lives. A problem my hubby and I have been kind of avoiding, hoping we could just deal with it later. Well later seemed to arrive, and wouldn't you know it, I did not feel prepared. So down on my couch I sat, across from my calm, cool, collected and much more mature husband, and relentlessly began to analize the situation as I saw it. I thought of what to say if this happened, what to do if this happened, how to act if this happened, all in all, solidifying my case and nailing down my arguement. Listening to my hubby remind me of all the times God has taken care of these problems in the past, seemed to open my ears to the voice of the Holy Spirit, and this is what he whispered in my ear,
"The goal is NOT to not have these problems. It's through these problems that I display my faithfulness, my love and my forgiveness through you!"
Why do I always run from the problem, or worse, attack the problem with my own weapons, when in reality, these are not problems to be attacked, they are opportunities to be seized! When I look back at any issue we have had in this area, each and every one has been resolved, and without (much) grief! God has been faithful in each circumstance, because He has bigger plans for this couple than I can see, and each opporunity that I seize to walk in obedience, brings them closer to knowing the love of Christ.
Praise Him.....


  1. god's faithfulness is displayed in you. time and time again,you listen and submit to his voice. and don't you go and dismiss this encouragement. you are faithful to the walk. like He said to you, it's not about NOT having problems, it's about the opportunities and I love you take them in obedience and show the strength of God through you.

    the road given to you is NOT easy. Without this road, where would you be.....probably still like that flamethrower commercial!! LOL everytime you'd open your mouth flames would come out! i think that's just one of the many palces you would be without this road....

    Praise Him.....

  2. I am an analyzer too...such a great post! You are so young and yet so wise!
    Thanks for sharing!