Thursday, October 18, 2007


My amazing hubby let me sleep in a little extra this morning (for which I am extremely grateful as I've come down with a rotten cold), and he's taking me out for dinner and a movie tonight. My most perfect daughter ever wrote me a nice birthday note on our wipe board, and drew me a picture too of me and my birthday cake (but she said she has to finish it when she gets home, cuz I have no arms). My coolest sister is bringing me Taco Time for lunch!! (notice this gets 2 exclamation marks cuz Taco Time is awesome) My father in law gave me tons of shopping money!! (as does this....cuz come's shopping) And my son....well he's helping (not helping) me fold (toss around the floor) the clean (not anymore) laundry. Thanks son, I love you!

Anyways, I'm blessed, my family is amazing and I love them. I love how much they love me, flaws and all. I'm off to carry on with my day in PEACE and JOY by God's grace.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIN! I hope you are blessed today!

  2. Happy Birthday Nin!!
    What an amazing day to have a's MY BIRTHDAY too!!!
    Yay for us October 18th gals!!!
    Of course I have a few more years on you!!
    All the best!!!

  3. Happy birthday pretty lady! you are such an inspiration to everyone that knows you - blessings in the next year!! :)

  4. Happy Birthday Nin...Taco Time? I'm so jealous!!!!

    Hope you have a great day and enjoy your evening out with your hubby!!

  5. Happy Birthday!!! That's cool, mine and my son's are in 2 days ;) He'll be 3, I'll be tired. We're planning a crazy fun party. It's good. Sorry you are celebrating yours with a cold. Get well soon.

  6. happy birthday to the birthday girl who always has bad birthdays!!! sounds like this one was better.

    you are special and loved!!

  7. Happy Birthday!! I am glad you feel loved and know how lucky you are to be surrounded by your family!

  8. hey Nin! have you checked my blog lately? i did a greg neufeld post - and thought of you! :)