Monday, July 02, 2007

Oh Canada, Oh baby!

A little chaos, a lot of fun, yet another adventure as the W's M's and D's undertake another year of the fireworks. My friend, her son and our bro-in-law joined us this year, and fortunately were not freaked out and embarassed by our patriotic paraphernalia, including umbrella hats and jester headgear.

A HUGE congratulations to my brother-in-law and his girlfriend on the birth of Dominic! There is so much hope in my spirit for this couple! We are very excited :)
On a lesser note, I am sick today, I have not been running in like a week, and my house is a disaster. Go team me!


  1. Cute kids; I hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. as long as you can rememebr that you will get back on track as soon as you are able. take this time to rest, relax and let your body heal. season for everything....

    cool that ian came to see your blog!

    I guess this actually makes you an auntie...but not from me....WOW, what a thought!!!:)
    congrats on that!
    congrats to them!
    yea god!

    where's the rest of the pics from canada day. i'll post some tomorrow of our adventure. it was hard without caleb. went to see him today....
    whoa! must be tired, my thoughts are in point form. must go to bed.

  3. We so missed hooking up with you guys this year, just wasn't the same at all. We even tried phoning J's cell but he wouldn't answer. Sad to say, we just stayed home and did nothing...waaaahhhh

  4. awwwww...we thought about you guys. it was so quiet with only our kids!!!

    "this is ned shneebly"

  5. Just like the white winged dove...
    sings a song,
    Sounds like she's singing...
    Just like the white winged dove...
    sings a song,
    Sounds like she's singing... ooooooooo

  6. "Dude, is my face okay? I think you melted it off."

  7. you two definately have a language that is all your own...either that or you watch way too many movies. My sons have latched on to this same strange language, they communicate in movie lines...should I be concerned?

  8. HAR HAR!!

    Not at all. This is a very postive way to express yourself. I'm sure they are enjoying their time together (Titanic) and when their mother figure isn't there, they are in charge (Uncle buck) and really, your sons are men of action...lies do not become them (princess bride)

    does this make sense?

  9. Sick with a cold? Sometimes I attribute colds in the summer to air conditioning.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  10. AWWW sorry we had to miss out on your wonderful canada day celebrations, but hopefully next year we can join in again. i love that you guys have that tradition. my canada day evening was spent with some hilarious american kids, who thought our national animals were a canada goose (not a bad choice actually) and our nation's capital was ontario! so funny!