Tuesday, July 24, 2007

another trip under our belt

We set out on our adventure to Kenosee on Friday morning. We drove up with my brother-in-law, his girlfriend and their little one following 'closely' behind us and only a walkie talkie away. It was super fun driving with them and playing word games back and forth.

These two took home the trophee again for world's best kid travelers!

Got there shortly before supper and checked into our room.

Our roomies.

Random cute picture, no commentary needed.

It was fun to meet new family, and build new relationships! Our outgoing son made a new friend with uncle Lyle...

But the friendship was put on hold once grandpa came too close!

Once Daniel discovered that grandpa doesn't bite...

he decided to proceed.....with caution.

Of course he lets loose with mommy though ;)

Saturday afternoon was stinkin hot! But luckily it clouded over just in time for us to go to the outdoor waterpark. My daughter was awesome, and went on all the slides she could, even ones I was too chicken to ride. My hubby and brother in law went down the screamer, which is basically an 8 story slide that shoots straight down, which left their backs bright red and raw.

Look! Fairy wings!


Mini-me had a quick pony ride on horse named Spud. It was another reminder for me that I am definately a city girl, and could not last on a farm. Not only did I get a front row show of Spud doing "a job", the place was swarming in black flies, and the stench of grossness.
*Insert shutter, as well as thankfulness for my simple city life here*

Our supper and evening gave us opportunity to get to know new family members, play games and cards. There was a big game for the kids, and I can proudly say my competitive daughter took first prize, with help of course from my competitive inlaws. It was fun playing 31 till nearly 2am, and being able to help out my sleeping log roomies by feeding their cutie.

Group Photo!
(isn't it neat that all these people stemed from my hubby's great-grandparents?)

Feelin' good and ready to get home.

We got home early evening, just in time to get out for my run with my sis, and thoroughly enjoy our first night back in our own bed. Then, enter in heat wave, exit our comfort. Luckily it's supposed to go down to 14 tonight, so we'll be able to cool down our place a little bit.

Thank you God today for BBQ's, other peoples cool houses, my wonderfully amazing husband, and my awesome running partner, all of which I could have not gotten through these last few days without.


  1. is there some way of making that group photo available to blow up?

    I absoulty love those pics with randy and daniel! You do have tremendous blessing from chris's side...

    jonah is so photogenic!

  2. I love Kenosee, that is the area where I grew up and it is awesome. Those waterslides were an anual event. I thinkI am heading there on the long weekend myself

  3. My husband usually thinks that bloggers are stalkers, but he said that the next time we're in Stoon I should go for coffee with you or something:) He's heard me talk about how you've encouraged me and so you've passed his test.

  4. It looks like you had a great time; family times like this are so important. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful time!
    I think you guys will have a problem with keeping the boys away from your daughter! She's so gorgeous!

  6. Great post and great pictures. Glad you guys had fun at the reunion!!!