Thursday, July 12, 2007

Come On Come On Come On Come On touch me babe!
dah dah dah dah can't you see
that I am not afraid......
Laurence is Gooooood at piano
he will be rockin' in my soul!
-Mr. S-
School of Rock
feeling better, am starting antibiotics tomorrow. Turns out.....
I WAS RIGHT! It wasn't just viral, and I don't have to just suck it up.
So everyone.... knows Nah-ting.
Little One,
Mr. Busy Bee. Loves climbing stairs, getting into drawers and cupboards, fake plants, and boxes. Has an appetite for anything found in a jar, and anything found on the floor.
Not So Little One,
Miss Talks Alot. Nicely tanned, so proud she has my skin. Into her Tamogoshi, bike riding, sidewalk chalk, Skip-It, and Canadian Idol. Her other dad just bought a pool, she's super excited to go swimming in it this weekend.
Mr. Motivated. Cleaned the whole house for me the other day while I was out with some girl friends. Could I HAVE a better man? Loves boy shows, boy movies, boy activities, and me.
Had our 3rd anniverssary on June 19th, and we're celebrating it tomorrow! We're off to a hotel while our daughter is at her dads, and little one goes for his very first sleep over! So pumped! I love spending time with my hubby, no matter what we're doing. Him and I are starting a new eating and exercise routine together. We are so excited to encourage and motivate one another and work together as team.
is good all the time, and continues to move in the lives and hearts of our family and friends.
Be blessed, and have an awesome weekend!


  1. Awesome post Nin!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE spending time with my hubbaliscious as well. We're both doing the healthy eating and it's working wonders. He's the best.
    Have a great "dirty weekend" as they would say on Coronation street.
    Enjoy the summery day!

  2. You are just way too cute. You'll be proud of me, I actually colored my hair all by myself (with the help of an experienced friend) not in a hair shop. You're right, it is fun.

  3. Just read your comment on Janelle's post. Just want to affirm you in your gift of spiritual encouragement.

  4. Anonymous1:43 PM

    What a great post - LOVE it!

  5. You have yourself a great weekend too. I hope those antibiotics kick in real fast! Great to hear that you're all doing well!

  6. If it's not viral, what is it?