Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Quick update

1. My little girl has been couch bound since Sunday evening with a sprained ankle. I've thouroughly enjoyed babying and taking care of her.
2. My little guy is not so little. He eats two jars of baby food plus cereal a day. He will officially be 7 months on Thursday!
3. I'm finally at pre-pregnancy weight and it feels great! Shopping is fun again! and just in time for summer fashion! Although I'm not a huge fan of the 80's comeback, and I refuse to wear skin tight jeans, big plastic belts and high heels.
4. Seems my hubby and I have been distracted these days, and have lost our objective. But God has been faithful in reminding us, and giving us the grace to walk it out. We are getting together for coffee with my daughters other parents, to continue planting seeds, and building what the Lord has started. Pray as you feel led.
5. My hubby's aunt and uncle from Edmonton are coming in for a short visit this weekend. I'm super excited to see them, for them to meet our big boy and see our new house. They are amazing people, their generosity and servant hearts are something my hubby and I look up to.
They've taken us into their home numerous times, and each time they blow us away with their hospitality.
6. We have someone working in our basement doing the mudding and taping for us. It's so exciting to see this basement finally come together. My hubby has done such an amazing job at getting most of the work done himself, and saving us a ton of money. But he's no mudder and taper, so enter in: outside help. Hopefully these next stages can pass by quickly so we can get out tv and computer back downstairs. My hubby wasn't able to get the internet working up here, so I can only get on here on my hubby's laptop when he's home. I'm going through withdrawls!

Anyways, this is all the time updating time I have. Be blessed, God is good.


  1. oh i can totally relate with you about the 80s come back..usually when there is a few fashion ... it takes me awhile to warm up to it..but this i cant see it.nope and i sure hope i dont..i would look rediculious!!..

    your little guy is 7 months WOW thats so crazy. i remember reading your blog when you first came home..i think?..something like that anyway!!!

  2. Good update! Post some before pics of your basement. We won't be doing ours for another couple of years. I can't believe your little baby is 7 months old!!!

  3. Great update post! I agree with the 80's part. I refuse to wear skinny jeans although my hubby thinks I will someday. We even have a bet that I won't! They are awful!!!

  4. I can lend you guys my wireless card for your PC

  5. baby D is So dang cute! i loved grabbing him this morning - he was totally cuddling with me! (yay)
    oh and sorry but you know me ! i love the 80's - i have loved the 80's since grade 12, so i guess u could say i liked it before it was even "in". :)

    ps - my word verification was "nukeyrux"... sounds like a doctor's prescription for a baby

  6. I can't wait to hit the pre pregnant weight...ahhhhhhh....congrats!!! Shopping will be fun again someday for me!!!