Thursday, April 12, 2007

I don't like grocery shopping.

I don't like being stuck in a huge store with windows or clocks. I don't like how there are always certain people who have no grocery shopping etiquette, like move your butt and cart out of the way when there are four people waiting behind you to get by. I don't like how time consuming it is and the sinking feeling you get when you realize two hours have passed and your whole evening has been wasted. I don't like when we get one of those carts that pull in one direction, and how heavy and hard the cart is to turn when it's full. I don't like that you get to take part in another kids screaming fit from start to finish, because they're following you up and down the very same isles. We rarely go grocery shopping.

Results: Today I have no food.


  1. and the total when you get to the till...ugh!!

  2. and the heaviness you feel when you get home and realize grocery shopping is only half done, as you now have to put it all away :{

  3. and the feeling a few days later when you realize your need to go again!

  4. LOL....I'm glad to see I'm not alone

  5. AMEN to that nailed it..i HATE Grocery shopping...

    It turns out if i have left it for too long i am forced to go when aidan has to come with i might be one of those who has a restless child in my cart..err..but whats a lady to do?..and yes just as amber said, and then after all that work and fustration you realized you forgot a few of the important goods.

    Last time i went which was early this week, i was SOOO wishing grocery stores had child care.But i guess it doesnt quit solve the time consumeing part..but What a great idea for those moms who have no choice but to have the kids come along. :)

    thanks for shareing this..:)


  6. i hate grocery shopping too = i did it 3x last week grrr

    i'm sad you don't like facebook, but then again i think myspace is retarded so whatev.... don't quit just yet!!