Thursday, April 05, 2007


On another note.....We're going to my mother-in-laws for Easter supper tonight. I'm looking forward to relaxing with my other family and being blessed by them. It's amazing how different mine and my hubby's families are. I appreciate their differences, and all that I can learn from them. I AM BLESSED!

My not-so-little one is away this weekend with her dad, then back on Sunday morning for church. Am hoping to enjoy a relaxing weekend with my boys. : )

Wednesday I'm off to the salon with my sis-in-law to get my hair done! I can't tell you what I'm doing......cuz I have no idea! So stay tuned and I'll post a pic of the finished product. But I'm so excited, I haven't had my hair done in like a year, not counting the times in between that I did it myself, cuz that doesn't count. ;)

May this weekend remind us all of the sacrifice that was paid for us IN FULL, and the NEW LIFE that we find in JESUS!

Be blessed, God is Good!


  1. Ahhh looks like a good time for all...and a salon day...wooho hooo
    I love getting my hair done... you will have to post a picture so we can all see how beautiful you look....

  2. Wow, amazing! It is like I was never there, no photographic evidence. Oh well :(

  3. Hey Nin! Just stopped in to say Hi! Great pictures. Looks like you had alot of fun! And yes we want to see come pics of the new do!

  4. way to go you guys...we've been a little lax this year...right on the floor and everything, you guys rock...I'll miss you sisters!